There are 54 points to James Harden enough to bring rockets to the top of the lowest judges


The Rockets lost their way to the crummy Wizards on Monday night, in a long run, with the score 135-131. James Harden was very big, in his unique way by James Harden-Ion, but most of the team around it, and the Rockets are not an incredible way of doing so; an attack after being cleared out and hoping that a bucket Harden can do enough to carry the day E-

Harden had 54 points in the game, and finished two revival of two double folds. But it was also 11 times, and Houston's crime was totally intact to slip down in the & # 39; quarter and a long time, allowing the wizards to get rid of slow and scarce after a rare course of continuous protection stops. Harden came eight of his efforts in the first quarter, when the Wizards were doing. Like a kit delicately, but also when Harden's protection on a screen with a # 39; pushed into a hedge and then a kind of hope to guard Defense in the place between the immense screen and its defender who gets back. He was even sorry before his move was made, and Harden made hard food, reading the help and his / her. throw chips and send a courtyard for easy help.

Witches walked fairly, and started in the second verse, move on to make an umbrella easier, and Harden responded to the result of the result that was killed and killed; pouring 33 points over the middle of his game. Watch the magic of the Magician Morris at about 3:05 a poster in the video above; try race into screen and lower a hill for another 3:27 bucket; Look at the Rockets engineer turning to Tomas Satoransky singles at 3:36, for a bluet box. The Wizards tried to do some of the things; protect Spurs' attack, largely disrupt and The midrange in the third season surrendered, but Harden was already cooking, and at least the Rockets were still going on; Especially defended Satoransky and Jeff Green for two additional additional names at the end of the third step.

But when the game was going on and all the Rocket went on to go to it. coming in, there was one Harden dance series or a high screen after another, even the Wizards unsure, of course, finally going to do; attack the right way. It was a very simple start, the big Rockets unpopulated to set up a screen, and the big defenders would come to the harbor, but inaccurate and on the screen's top. This was a consequence of Harden's impediment from a & # 39; Getting around the screen clean, and let Harden protectors run tightly about the screen and get back before Harden could go into defense. It's the basket, but there is no magic. That is a defense that the Warriors, for example, are totally murdered by a & # 39; hit the screener where the main one is to capture the # 39; a member above the free throw line but behind the two defenses involved in the & # 39; and giving the opportunity to make the next game, with the benefit of a person against defamatory protection. It is not surprising to say that Draymond Green's aggression for Golden State is just about the excellence. solve just that same protection.

But the Rockets lose two things. They do not have a Green-like screenwriter who is all reluctant to do the replay, whether it is two or two to defend and finish the edge or early passport to an open browser. tour. But more importantly, what is needed is a criminals plan without having to get James Harden to & # 39; make favorable comparison of the border for another single bucket. Once the Wizards started to doing a windowless exercise, he went to Harden to generate his offensive only against the defense of reasonable defenses. Monday night could cause a loss. This may have to be done by Harden who plays 47 minutes of her; A hard dentist, who made all of his heavy tricks for a crime, outside Harden's brother and a warrior night from Eric Gordon, just had nothing to do with her. going on. But that is also the result of deciding your serious crime all the time to do something again James Harden, and maybe it's going to do something; explains some of the reasons why the Rockets have gone from nineteen to nineteen degrees in seasonal attack rankings to this season. It's not like the league ever caught up!

So the Rockets got down five points with two minutes left within a pre-time, with a member in the hands of Harden and her; a downhill, and Bradley Beal a & # 39; protect them. Beal was very much on showing Harden's left, maybe on her & # 39; Ideas, if Harden can not create any uncertainty that he can not be able to step back to the right for a clean jersey. It's a gamble, and it's a bit; trying to spend cats all the time, but here he tried to give the boat once in the property, and clearly he did not think he could get on the left to throw Beal away from balance or drive to his / her dad. Better commenting, Harden made this:

Two types later, after Harden hit three men against Wizards protection protection, a wall left Harden left on the side, and attacked his back to the right, and then He was in front of him to snatch an attack. And that's the ball member. There is a mixture of poor secondary school writers, a full-fledged criminal engine, and a crime that does not do anything, even half as well as doing it; Waiting for hell out of the way of James Harden, they left the Rockets without surrender to a simple protection change. Turn left to Harden's left, and hinder his way around a screenVice-Wizards Wizards, I got this enjoyable. As a basketball assistant, she's a jarring girl; In order to understand what Rockets need to do; Invasion of money on a lot of tough scenes, and the face of a growing problem, compared with teams at least 48 minutes and almost 100 properties to reinforce the approach protection.

The Rockets are back below .500 on their next year, and now have lost three inexpensive Eastern Conference teams. Chris Paul and James Harden have been missing seven at least 19 Houston games, and this is much easier when they are on the floor. But it's never been so beautiful. It is a proof of the unique myth that ensures that Houston's single-sex crime works so often. Yes, but it's a chronicle of running a half-clock, one-off, guilty of one-to-one percent percent of the time before you set up a one-hour acting, the other team is Be very ready to find out how to protect it.

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