There are 62 routes that may have an Asteroid against Earth, according to NASA


NASA notes that spatial rock is more than 200 meters in diameter on 62 routes of "potentially potential" to Earth between 2023 and 2117; However, that opportunity is not so low.

The asteroid is named 2018 LF16 and was first seen in June this year. It is the nearest accident on 8 August, 2023; 3 August, 2024 and 1 August 2025 are the other dates of potential impact. In the decision, there are 62 dates that could be done. rock hit the Earth, but, according to British newspaper ExpressThe risk of getting very low.

"According to NASA's calculations, there is a 30 million chance that LF16 will fall into our planet, 99,9999967 expects to fail," they said.

The center is to ensure that the asteroid is "zero" according to the scale of Turin, which is " mean that it is impossible that it will not affect the Earth.

At this time, this rock is a # 39; crossing the area at a distance exceeding 15.13 kilometers per second.

Force might have its effect; Such potentially damaging to the 50m explosion of the Czar Bomber, which was launched in 1961.

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