There are advantages, disadvantages of motorcycle bicycle-related gasoline motorcycle? Gasoline engine running out of time?


Electricians have many advantages over each other and are better than the traditional gasoline motorcycle, and that is the move in urban shift.

In the context of our urban environment today, with the increasing number of people involved in traffic; make the streets more and more crowded, the ways people use for traffic. harder and difficult. To avoid sunlight, rather than water or dust, people often choose cars. However, with average Vietnamese income compared to vehicle prices in Vietnam, two-wheelers are the best option to save money as well as going home faster than when they work out .

Two-wheel vehicles are the best way of transporting at home

So, the two-wheel carriage is the most effective way users choose, with a & # 39; Movement in multiplication of luxury modules and personalities, users also take account of the resource and the savings. Choose your car. Recently, Vinfast has been named the first electric motorcycle in Vietnam as Klara. Many believe that this is the best solution to protect urban environment as well as fuel saving, saving costs. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of electric motorcycles and internal burning engines? Find out in the article below.

Vinjoy Klara's motorcycle gives many people an interest in her; capital city

Electric motorcycles

Initially, we will talk about the benefits of electric motorcycle bicycles. These two-wheel vehicles have many of the advantages that engines are not fired inside the motorcycle, and the first is silent, silent and zero emissions.

Cars that use electric motors and batteries are always at & # 39; gives the user a sense of "whistle" every time they drag the gas because water is very strong. The use of the electric engines also allows the user to travel smoothly without going to; rely on many quiet parts as a traditional motorcycle. Even more importantly, electric motorcyclists do not use fuel such as gasoline fossil but they do not. using electricity sites to prevent emissions. Imagine waiting for a red light at a crossroads or a quiet, non-sounded hole with a machine, it would not be. get out of the tube well.

When the traffic is in Hanoi, everyone needs to be hungry for dust and sound

Then, the electric motorcycle that causes the economic problem is more effective than the cars; using the internal compensation engine. New gas trains now use 2.5 liters of gasoline on average for 100 kilometers of gas; Low and average gasoline prices are 20,000 dm per liter. So the gasoline bike would cost about 500 dm for 1km of road.

With an electric motorcycle, these cars are capable of an 80 kilometer distance of power tank 22 Ah equivalent to about 3 household electricity consumption, about 3,000 VND electricity prices. In other words, electric bicycles cost more than 100 dm for 1km of road.

It has been found that economic benefits are operating costs of its first profit; electric bicycles compared to gasoline motorcycle.

There are 22.8 out of batteries Vinfast Clara Help the speed of a car distance to 80 kilometers

But electric bicycles have their own disadvantages too when a motorcycle has a very high speed, which can not travel long distances, but to meet 80cm or less. In addition, the electric motors will be over time if battery is not properly cut, and the cost of the Lithium ion battery is huge.

In addition, it can be said that the number of "staff" as well as the electronic maintenance store is still rare. This could be a problem for endangered motorcycle users.

In addition, electric bicycles present in Vietnam are very tough to protect water because many vehicles are damaged short-term when they go through flood sections of the road.

Indeed, the use of motorcycle in urban areas is growing, in part because motorcycle price is cheaper than gasoline, with a price of around VND20 million. Suitable for students, such as X-Men, Elegant or some other electric vehicles.

Gasoline engine

Many generations of Vietnam are familiar with motorcycles with gasoline devices; using insulating engines inside. With sustainability, energy and economy when you run by car or clean, fit for the car. Compared to electric motorcycles, the greatest potential of gasoline vehicles is to run a long distance, gas stations are everywhere, so the long distance with these vehicles is very inconvenient. In addition, there is a long history of repair and maintenance at the induction engine in Vietnam.

Motor bicycles use gasoline, oil often causes the effects of sound and noise when they work

However, if compared to the new electric motorcycle, it is very unlikely that this car has a history of this huge mass. Gasolineers have a disadvantage to make sound, distributions, and theirs. using fuel – some natural gas with high average costs.

Gasoline vehicles have many equipment in cars such as chains, salting things; need to keep up and repeat frequently. As a result, the "force force" as well as the motorcycling and motorcycle repair shops is very large and familiar and so consumers will not be disturbed when they have problems with their cars.

Generally, today's gasoline is suitable for people who need to use the car regularly and the speed they travel.

Gasoline vehicles need to maintain and maintain regular repairs

So, with electric motorcyclists, these are likely to be the vehicles that are of interest to the future with a range of benefits over petrol cars, especially when used in urban areas and streets. But, at this time, gasoline vehicles seem to be a "safer" option. In short, depending on the purpose of which users can select the most appropriate model.

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