There are already around 100 cases of dengue in the city: El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina


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The Ministry of Health, through its Divisional Promotion and Health Prevention Office, outlined the current situation regarding the investigation of this year's febrile syndromes, including dengue, hantavirus and leptospirosis, with data updated to reflect the current condition. March.


From the first confirmed case of dengue in the Santa Fe area, on 17 January, 180 confirmed cases were found across the region.

Of these, 105 cases relate to the city of Santa Fe. Only one of the issues relating to travel history, and the remainder are native, is related to its index index.

A further 65 cases were recorded in the village of Rosarry, two of which have traveling backgrounds; and there are two cases in Villa Gobernador Gálvez, Rincón and Las Tocas. Similarly, a case was found at the following locations: Avellaneda, Humberto Primo, Roldán, and Romang and María Juana, everyone who has rights of way.

In every area, work is ongoing to prevent it from spreading and preventing it from spreading the infection.


After a hantavirus case in the town of Esperanza, no more positive cases have been found so far.

It is spread by analyzing spirits, urine and precautions from diseased predators. They should consult a doctor who has learned or may be able to learn about the history of travel to Epuyen or Esquel, or alternatively link to ill people with proven provenance and symptoms such as high fever. , headache, pain in the body, chest pain, nausea, put out or diarrhea.


So far, a total of 11 cases have been found.

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