There are already two dead victims of hantavirus in Chubut


A urban worker of Epuyén, in Chubut, died the second death; may be due to the hauntavirus syndicate in the Patagonian continent, after a 14-year-old adolescent death, yesterday, the director associated with the Esquel Ministry area of ​​the Ministry Local health, Jorge Elías

The last person who died in hospital in strict care was one of the five good cases of aviation that the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (INEI) declared Carlos Malbrán, where the samples were cast out.

"One of the five cases confirmed by an anguilary that was in an emergency age, 61, belonging to Epuyén, who died at 4.30", said Elias at a news conference.

Epuyén's sailor, Antonio Reatro, said lamentation and holiday in the town. The complex picture today is that 15, who are still in intense care but in the revival are clear, long & the other patients were discharged, according to the hospital areas consulted by Telam. At the same time, Malbrán results are expected for three new issues to be reported as "suspects".

"The epidemiological research activities continue in the field," said Elijah, who stressed that the disease occurred in a common place, as was already reported by Télam.

Handavirus cases "were held in the event hall where a party party was held in Epuyén, but there were not (the ones sick) at the same table but in different places and so ; we focus our attention there, "explained the officer.

The doctor confirmed that the range of Chubut Health Ministry's suppositories to order to capture and "flexible long" mouse signals in the five houses of Epuyén where families of certified hantavirus issues; live, as well as events

Due to the common place where the probationary cases were reported, interdisciplinary control was not taken out, although the health authorities consulted to recognize that they were "very serious distinctive because the environmental environment is the most common way ".

In fact, the most common form that spreads the disease through a virus that is a virus; Given the small rope "Oligoryzomys longicaudatus", called "colilargo mouse" in the mountain, where it is located; Especially expanding the age of narrow bone flowers, which are the best food and produce seed rich in flowers, which are rich in nutrients.

Once in human body, the hauntavirus tissue is a & # 39; causing severe fever, muscle growth, coughing and headache, and after several days the respiratory problems are getting worse and worse. Improved in severe cases if death failure can not be controlled due to respiratory failure or fish when the lungs complete by moving.

At the same time, Elias and head of Chubut's Ministry of Health Programs, Emiliano Biondo, confirmed in the last part of today's release that "another was suspected of attacking the special hospital from Rio Senguer "dance in the mouth of Chubut, 360 km. south of Esquel and 750 km. to the southwest end of this capital.

The part shows that "5 persistence cases, 2 deaths due to the haemorrhage 2 hemorrhage disease are given and one in the ICU (Dental Treatment Unit)".


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