There are lots of digits; youths as closing at the Cape Breton telephone center; open under new ownership


SYDNEY, N.S. – A drop-out center in Cape Breton returned Wednesday, weeks after the previous owner closed badly and removing hundreds of people out of work just before the holidays.

Staff appearing for 9:30 a.m. shifts submitted to the Call Call Inc., newly-utilized with an old ServiCom service that closed without warning on December 6.

Todd Riley, vice president of jobs, said it was expected that 275 people would report for the work of Wednesday out of about 465 who had been retired to date.

He said some were so quick to go back to work that showed them an hour early.

"It was fantastic – there was a lot of reward, many people said," Thank you "and" I'm so happy to be back, "said Riley about the enjoyment of the large open office, office.

"There is a much safer day to go for everyone in this call and I think people are motivated and have a" connect together. "

Iowa industrialist Anthony Marlowe confirmed on 23 December that he bought the former call service ServiCom in a cave that was part of the breach of the company in the United States.

Marlowe Companies Inc. which was ahead of this week over 450 people have applied for positions at Sydney Call Center.

If recruited over the next month, staff with an induction experience from the last 90 days will start $ 300 bonus, together with the basic pay and basic rates from their previous employer and enhanced benefits.

The starting salary for newly-recruited staff costs up to $ 12 per hour from $ 11 per hour.

All work programs will start by January 14, and its company still has a & # 39; accept bids. Riley hopes to return to earnings at the end of March 650 through March and April.

"We received a very good response from people who wanted to come back, so this second piece is now working to bring everyone back on the ASAP salary," said Riley.

There are block handling staff for OnStar and AT & T, and information is completed for two other clients. Riley said the company was even trying to expand in other parts of Canada, but did not give any information.

"We will look at options for more sites in the Canadian population, so there are lots of things that are going to happen," he said.

MCI had been in a conversation to buy the phone center in the weeks before it suddenly closed, leaving around 600 unemployed people and their final payments. Marlowe offered $ 1.5 million for the mobile phone, and # 39; affecting two customers with an interest.

The sale was a great help to the community, who has been in & # 39; suffer from the continued levels of high unemployment and offer some options for the demolished jobs.

Most of the jobs were paid about four weeks in the back payment, the liability of the Marlowe company said that he was in a position; stay with ServiCom.

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