There are many reasons to watch the sky in 2019


No matter what more than 2019 is there; In addition, there are many unusual racing events on tap in the next 12 months, starting in January.

According to The Sky's website, the next month will begin with a Meter Quantrids (Jan 3-4), and then part of an eclipse supply on 6 January.

But the most important thing of the month is a full eclipse in January 21. According to NASA, it is clear in most of North America. There will be a moon eclipse when a & # 39; moon falling behind the Earth and into the screenshot; planet, causing its moon to be darker and more; red rusty color.

The next major event will take place in May, when a blue moon appears on May 18.

"The Native American tribes knew how a full moon, with this full moon, as this was the year's time when spring flowers appeared in abundance," Sky says on her website. "Given that this is a third of four full-time lunches in this season, called a blue moon. This wonderful event does not happen only every few years, causing the term , & Quot; in a blue moon. & # 39; "

Usually, there are only three times full of winter every quarter of the year, but since full lunch occurs every 29.53 days, sometimes four full-time ponds in season.

"The moon is called a blue moon that is full of the moon," says the website. "Blue winters usually occur once every 2.7 years."

On July 2, a full solar eclipse (when a moon goes just to the sun), but will not be visible in North America, except in parts of the Ocean Southern peace and some of South America.

On the 13th of October, a full moon will be a moon, which is a moon; happens when a moon on the other side of the Earth is like a # 39; sunshine.

But on December 13-14, there is a hairy meteor room, the Geminids, at its height, which brings up to 120 meteors per hour that can be seen in North America.

"Unfortunately, his whole moon will hamper many of the media this year, but the Geminids are so clear and so powerful that it can still be a good look, "the website says. "The best scene will be from a dark place after midnight. The cheats move from the gears are controversial, but they can appear in any place in the air."

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