There are many rumors about Juan Gabriel: a journalist said he saw him alive


MIAMI, FL – SULTAIN 05: Juan Gabriel will play on the stage at the opening night of her; The 2014 round was back at American Airlines Arena on 5 September 2014 in Miami, Florida. (Photograph by Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images)

The mid-song song, Alberto Aguilar Valadez, a well-known singer-songwriter Alberto Aguilar Valadez, left most of the Mexican song, was very impressive not Unlike the stage, but also in the sense of the people who sang their songs for more than four decades and fell in love to rhythm and letters.

Factions about his / her ability that Juan Gabriel's median star is still alive; appear. At the moment, it is the story of a journalist who has said he has seen the most famous Spanish interpreter of life as mentioned by epmundo.

After being a manager, Joaquín Muñoz surprised everyone to show his evidence to prove that Juan Gabriel has not died, but he would hide , journalist Jorge Carbajal appeared on a program entitled "Intruders" He is still alive. "

Is Juan Gabriel still alive? Exit audio to prove

From the date of his death, materials that were still on display were featured as part of the idol cult of the extinct.

However, if those who claim that they are alive and want to retrieve from the world of the shows are the demands by doing so, to find out that his death is very real, the audience who would feel his deceased would be the same as the audience.

"I did not want to see the plan, then going to the car, we go to the house. The woman tells me to pass, I & # 39; go in and when I'm going in, I see it sitting and it has made me horrible, "said the journalist, who showed that the singer" has been lost weight ".

Carbajal says he was awful when he saw: "It may have been a double one and he saw me with his face. But I tell you that the two things are The most perfect of Juan Gabriel, "he said.

He also said everything was happening after her & her; an earthquake that took place in September 2017 in Mexico, as it had come to the detriment of the victims and one of the residences in which it was; The distribution of contributions that means "hiding" Juan Gabriel.

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