There are more than 10 people who have a stop at a special Burgas institute


In activity, which is managed by the Special Finance Office, there are also anti-mafiots

More than 10 people were held in a special role in Burgas, told the Departmental Directorate of the Interior Ministry in the seaside.

The action, which is managed by the Special Finance Office and with the participation of MoI-Bourgas and DGCOC officers, begin to begin earlier on; morning.

It opposes the division of drugs. It is trapped throughout its; town, and houses are found in the middle of Burgas.

Informal information among those arrested there are signatures from the underground area, as well as FC Levski fans. One of them was covered with a fan-blue club in Burgas.

The work is ongoing now. At the entrance and exit of the home there are audited cars.

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