There are no other prisoners for the Ciccone cause: Nuñez Carmona was released today – 12/14/2018


After the Federal Oral Court 4 (TOF 4) by entering into & # 39; Judge Adriana Palliotti rather than Pablo Bertuzzi's place to distribute to the friend and friend José María Núñez Carmona – declined in the Ezeiza Prison, Last Friday Ezeiza Prison where he was from August 7 after the Ciccone Case Review. He left the electronic jail as Amado Boudou.

In just a week, the reason for selling the old Ciccone, stop arresting people. TOF 4 gave the message yesterday to the three convicts who were held beforehand: Amado Boudou, José María Núñez Carmona and Nicolás Ciccone.

After 18, José María Núñez Carmona, friend and partner of Boudou, Serious Ezeiza Police Force, just 48 hours after his former former president.

Le lightning anklet, he must appear every fifteen days before the Court, his passport was also kept out and was banned to leave the country. You can not move outside your home's 100km radius and GPS will be closely monitored.

Núñez Carmona was released out of prison after four months with thanks to the TOF 4 vote, and including the discharge from Judge Néstor Costabel, who opposed the convicted convicted of the Ciccone case for bribery crimes and unparalleled discussions.

The vote was favorable by the judges of Gabriela López Íñiguez and Adriana Palliotti who, again, considered that "unnecessary use of pre-emptiness should be avoided" and that this should be a "principle guidance of the judgment ".

Núñez Carmona was sentenced to be a five-year-old and eight-year partner as a spouse and a consistent agreement on the sale of the old Ciccone.

His lawyer, Matías Molinero, said two days ago that the Buenos Aires Police Force was released in January, Boudou's partner, was arrested for illegal wealth, and thinking there were no dangers or traveling dangers. He argued that the same difference with that situation was the sentence in the case of Ciccone that led him to be arrested.

Mail & # 39; The first one was sent out to release that Núñez Carmona was the Prosecutor of the Court, Marcelo Colombo, and then the judges agreed to the suggestion that the elements that Núñez allowed Carmona "to go over the debate in freedom (the test by Ciccone), they had not changed, and after that it was determined to condemn a secret."

Responding to the proposal of the procurator of Colombo, they found that the phrase could be the same "novel data to be determined by other measures of the prison". And they explained that "more harmful measures" should be accepted as Núñez Carmona asked to protect, that is, an electronic device examined.

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