There are no pajamas, there are no pajamas: Natalie Pérez is the nude in New York


Radio Miter Show

December 8, 2018

Her actress published her most sexy picture, lying in bed and lightweight clothes to preserve her all her children as she was on a trip to the United States.

That's Natalie Pérez One of the most seizure women in Argentina, there is no doubt. Its defensive style on the other side is the models that cause an increase in photographs in tons and appeals to other types of concerns that you do not have to attract attention by showing lightweight clothing. However, for the first time he broke this scheme and amazed his fans.

The artist was on tour to United States, more precise for him New York, and she herself barely exposed in one of her latest Instagram stories.

In the image you can see her lying on the bed, without a body and a small little bomb near the inscription New York, which makes it a real diva.

This year, Perez played a place Miracles in the series The Hotel, which is broadcast by Fox and has an Adrian Suar partnership. Personality is one of the main ones and the person who begins to decline a seriously saddened when he breaks his / her happy attachment to his / her; main novel.

For the artist, this was a year ago; away as he was his position as a singer and published his first album, "Lime tea, try"Just like the name of Instagram for years, where he has more than two million fans.

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