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Petr Kováčik's coaches are more likely to be awarded at the European Championship.

RUZOMBEROK, November 21 ( – Soloek Basketball women's podium fell aboard 68:82 home to Montenegro players at a Wednesday meeting of the qualification for promoting future European camps to Serbia and Latvia.

Petra Kováčik coaches tend to not compete in the European Championship, and can still give Icelandic if they win in the # 39; final meeting of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the A-group, Montenegro players captured their " First to win four impacts and win two losses to their account. The Sovereign representatives completed their certificate in the # 2019 ME 2019 with the same balance (4 effects – 2 losses), and # 39; leaving Montenegro, saying that there will be a better balance of similar games.

In Rožmberk Koniarni he included the meeting of the representatives of Slobhacia. Leadership was 11: 4 managing the response time. Montenegrin players were able to return to their game when they fell to 12:13.

By the end of the first season, the attempts for its & # 39; The first time in the lead after the successful troika 17:15. As a result, the first part of the meeting came. The second season had a fair running. A team did not make a big mistake, and the players went to the 35:34 equipment room for the SR players.

He did not help over time

At the middle of the third quarter he made a copy of the meetings to the previous course. From 44:42 to Slovakia, the attempts showed a series of seven points. They turned their game to 49:44 if they were. Under 52:46 for Montenegro, the Soviet coach took a break. However, his game did not succeed because he was able to complete his / her; game.

After the third season Montenegro leaders were over 61:46. Even in & # 39; The final part of the game, domestic players did not play the game. The guests could keep a good guide and they did not allow the Sovereigns to think of the answer.

Qualification for the European Championship

Slócaia – Montenegro 68:82 (15:17, 20:17, 11:27, 22:21)

Most of the points: Bálintová 20 points, Pàleniková 17 (3 troika), Hruščáková 10 – G. Johnsonová 27 points (16 reactions), Matovičová 15 (3 trojky), Mujovičová 15

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