There are over 2 people booking cars, VinFast motorcycle


Late afternoon (21 November), representatives from VinFast, after two days of launching cars and a motorcycle, ordered more than 2,000 users.

According to registration, to November 21, thousands of people are still in attendance; focus on Thong Nhat Park (Hanoi) to assess and evaluate a new sequence of VinFast. Lux car models still worry. In addition, there is a Fadil free car & # 39; taking into account, in particular, the civil servants have a fairly stable income.

The photograph bought more than 2 people, the wolf - 1 module
Representatives from VinFast indicated that more than 2,000 customers ordered after two days of launching cars and a motorcycle.

Depending on the information from the manufacturer, in the first instance, with its & # 39; "3 no" policy – no cost of investment, financial cost, no interest "in addition to special policy, a small car Only a price of 336 million, Lux Price Luxurious 800 million and Lux ​​SA price of 1,136 billion.

VinFast advisor and vendors need to continue to answer questions and requests from users even though they are in the # 39; new year. In particular, the showroom at Klara Stone attracts many young people and civil servants. Here everyone can sit to check how easy the car is. According to a number of VinFast employees, Klara's motors are "shooting up" at the battle.


Ms Hoang Hong Ngoc (owner of the brand name Ngoc Gems, 61 Quoc Tu Giam) is pleased to say: "It is a vision of Lux SA 2.0 and Klara that I have always reduced the money, this is not beautiful And a small tax purchase. And Mr Do Quang Tuan (55, Hai Duong City) promptly said: "I tried Klara to see that the design is very suited to Vietnam, again against the flood, for her & # 39; The first time I saw a car designed for Vietnam's mind. In addition to its price it is appropriate for what I buy right. "

VinFast cars and a motorcycle in Hanoi will continue to date (21/11) and will be in HCMC. HCMC from 10h – 22h day 25 – 26/11 in the urban town of Vinhomes Central Park. In particular, electric scout was sold at VinFast showcases throughout the country.

According to Ngoc Anh / Traffic Journal

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