There are several LG motifs in Europe for phones with sliding screen


Huawei and Samsung are not the only companies on the way to launch smartband phones in 2019. LG seems to be participating in the # The first result of such manufacturer makers is to record a number of names that are capable of its tools. But, as far as possible, so far as a southern choir did not make such equipment, Chinese companies such as Xiaomi, Lenovo and OPPO have been much more foolish in the last few years. this topic.

Despite the fact that we have a " talk about a new section of devices that should be a new venture on mobile device market that is going on; Starting to become unfortunate, producers do not appear to be very original when it comes to names. FlexPai is called a & # 39; The first flexible model given by the Chinese Royole company, Infinity-Flex is the flexible screen from Samsung, and Huawei has a name named Mate Flex and Mate Flexi.

LG is continuing on this side, which is & # 39; register the brand name Flex, Foldi and Duplex in Europe for its model. So, it's very difficult to make a difference between company models when they talk about it, and Google searches are very tough. But we must admit that LG used the Flex brand in the past when it launched the G Flex and G Flex 2 curves screen phones.

We do not know anything about a LG global mobile device, but it's likely to be developed by an OLED display technology by an owner. It could be a technological assurance for LG Show participants, which could be an example when selling them to sharecase exhibits to partners.

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