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The study, published in the scientific journal of Nature Metabolism, says that these landlords, or small tunnels that were kept in the gastric mice bones could be crucial for the protection of cellular cells from the bones.

Actually, there is something in the muscle bones that automatically means that the same person is present, and the time can be done; Official detection of this search in the human context must be long. However, not in this case.

One of the researchers decided not to delay and delay. go into a revival tool. As a result, it became clear that such a crane network could be human bones.

PHOTO: Natural Metabolism (2019)

We know that bone cells in the bone marrow can rapidly move from bone to bone to the cover system. But exactly how exactly these cells are out of their & # 39; bone.

Now with the help of a special medical model, when specific ingredients inserted into the human bone, into the blood blood again, threads that identify non- known.

In order to detect microscopic tunnels in the bones, special chemical researchers used the muscle bones clearly. These chemicals remove rare components, such as fat from the bones. As a result, hundreds of the previously unprecedented clans were published to the eyes of researchers using a number of microscopes.

This finding was a great surprise for the researchers. "In this century, it is unlikely to find something new in human body," said Superintendent Matthias Gunzer for Life Science.

Gunzer wanted to find out if such structures were in human bones, so he allowed to investigate himself. He spent an hour in a revival device, which was not bad. Although the capillaries were not visible, an suspicious hole-bone machine appeared to be able to do it; signifies to include leadership.

In addition, in another study published last year in the science journal Nature Neuroscience, researchers found similar networks similar to the skull.

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