There are twice as many female Grammy benefits


The number of women's winners from Grammy was almost doubled this year compared to last year, and NME writing. It should increase by 82 per cent – 31 women have won a galaxy award. Last year, the total of 17 awards were awarded to women or women's vans, of all 86 prices.

"I think women have a very important vision when it comes to art, music and it's great to see that it gets the chance to be introduced," said the artist Kacey Musgraves to NME. The American folk singer has been praised for this year's record, the best country charter and the best homeland song.

Last year, Grammygalan published his campaign to showcase women in the music.

Lady Gaga, Cardi B, St. Vincent and Dua Lipa are one of the women who won the Grammygala Award this year.

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