There are up to 10 Sinnoh Clachan for February Day Adviser Pokémon trainers


a & # 39; Pokémon GO Community Day February as a leading musician, for the first time, a Pokémon that will be the first time, grow to the final level through an advanced device. It's about the mind Clach Shinnoh, how rare and every player of the app is missing Niantic.

During the next community day Saturday 16th Februarydedicated to him Swinub, Niantic has already been sure of the players who give five Clachan Sinnoh, but in fact, the players seem to be better than they can up to ten people: five from tours with Other trainees and five of those with her three team leaders.

So, lift up your smartphones and miss you the next event! And, I recommend, do not forget to organize your own events local communities, in conjunction with Millennium Pokémon!

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