There are various events in the showground at Slovenia talent



It was demolished from the second half-date exhibition of one of our most watched scenes. Sophia has a talent. In recording, we will Seeing the strange time just before the accomplishment, the fool of the guitar and the leaders and the love of all the players.

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There are displays that await you on VOYO.

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In the second round show, "Panec inoT" and a 16-year-old Liana, who received a gold bottle at Lada Auditorium. Just as it was shown in the past, Lado was surprised at this time by a new one at # 269; esco – this time he gave him a bright brown brown color, describing the "# 269; esco football # 353; a.

On this Sunday, November 25, at # 20, at 20:00 on POP TV, the new final shows will appear: Dunja Vrhovnik, Nu & # 353; a Rojs, Prime & # 382; Blood, Spectrum, Tilen Lotry & # 269; and Tim Udovi & # 269; Who does this Sunday celebrate?

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In the second yearly, Spanish and Spanish 16th anniversary, Lada Auditorium received a gold botan. Along with the previous exhibition, Lado was surprised at this time with a new hairy style – this time he introduced himself with a short hairy style of brown brown, reminiscent of a stylish hair style football.

On Sunday, November 25th, at 6pm, there will be six final final decisions on POP TV: Dunja Vrhovnik, Nuša Rojs, Primož Križaj, Spectrum, Tilen Lotrič and Tim Udovič.Who does this Sunday celebrate?

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