There can be a delay in reporting the occurrence of diarrhea in the day care of Vila Velha's trouble searching


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The delay in introducing the town a diarrhea occurred in a day care center at Praia da Costa, in Vila Velha, a research that could affect what caused the problem. The statement is from the secretary of the city, Jarbas Ribeiro de Assis Òg, who attended the press on Wednesday afternoon (27).

According to the secretary, due to the bad weather, the parents, school or hospital have been taken inside immediately. "It took a long time to talk to the Home Department of Health. The symptoms started on 15 March and only the following information was given on the 22nd, a week later. It's not a diarrhea, but a diarrhea of ​​the blood t conditions were worse when children had half-hourly symptoms of diarrhea.

“Everyone feels diarrhea is natural, all of us have diarrhea, but the signal of the 15th and 17th centuries has begun, so it would have been a good idea. to know naturally the hospital. but we only knew on day 22. Information was required from the hospital, from the school, and everyone could get in touch.

The secretary explains that investigation can be stopped because the children have already been treated by the disease. “People start handling and when they handle them with a drug, this affects the test. Antibiotics may be used at home or in hospital already to kill bacteria, ”he said.


The study should show the cause of diarrhea epidemiological research which started Municipality Municipality Vila Velha. The analysis includes a sample of water, food and toys, as well as an assessment of the cleanliness approach taken in the day care center. The trials are performed at Lacen at the State Department of Health (Sesa).

In Wednesday morning, a meeting was held between representatives in the Municipality Vila Velha and Sesa to discuss the issue. During the meeting, it was explained that Lacen will give priority to the issue tests.

“They are giving us all the information, we're talking all the time. 'Today we had a meeting and one of the references to finding any material t for any of these hospital settings for these children (investigated, medical records of these children were investigated to see the growth of these children from the first day of hospital to today, ”she said. t an Edwardian coordinator of Vila Velha, Giovana Ramalho.

In addition to the biological resources of the children, a sample of water and food was collected from the two nurseries which experienced the problem and from a coffin where two of the children started before the location.

“Healing Heaven is a gathering in the last two days beside the shop where the children have had the chance to eat their food because of this. [a diarreia]however, we are waiting for the outcome of the test to confirm this. And from our current meeting, we are also collecting food from the day care center to Lacen to close both areas of nursery, indoor and outdoor play, ”said Manager. T Vila Velha's Sanitary Medicine, Flavia Costa.


Giovana Ramalho explains, from studying culture, that the materials collected in both centers are collected, that it is possible to tell which etiologic – causer materials of some diseases – which have been responsible for diarrhea – are caused. bringing children.

"Today we are dealing with an unknown ecological representative. We know that something has harmed these children and we are thoroughly examining what they have found out. this producer. " where he is from, "he explained."

"What we grow with the culture we make in Lacen can tell us what it can do, whether it is bromium, a fungus, a virus. It will guide us and guide us to where we are. T the problem should be, "the secretary added. , however, agreed that the test did not show that the cause of the emergency was caused.

"We need to grow and we won't know what has happened, but we are going to believe that something is growing and we are able to do that. We expect something to grow. "on one of the plates," he said.

It may be that bacteria might be breaking

Although you were careful about the results of the experiment, the agent will tell you how to make the diarrhea break, the secretary said that there is a great chance that the problem could have been created by a bacterium.

“How bad the truth is about a bacterial infection, but what bacteria are there? "Each bacterium has its own treatment, usually a more fluid infection, but it's just a signal. We don't know the hospital from day to day so that we can join patients. T and we'll have more information about the situation and the situation which is coming, ”he said.

With regard to the date for production of the survey, representatives of representatives of producers invited Vila Velha to decide that a date would not be agreed, but they acknowledged that the outcome could be left next Saturday (30). ).

“Culture isn't highly dependent on the health professional, but the germ is growing. Therefore, a blade is prepared and we are expected to put colonies in place to understand and recognize the organism. the other will give days, "Giovana Ramalho explained."

Just a case

Five children, aged 2 to 3 years, were taken to hospital after a pollution incident at a private private care center at Praia da Costa, Vila Velha. One, who was hospitalized in a private hospital in the village he died Wednesday afternoon (27) t.

According to information from the town hall, the child, a boy 2 years, t he depicts a photograph that praises kidney failure and edema cerebrral. The baby was taken to hospital from the last day 19, after suffering from bloody diarrhea in the stool.

Another child will be taken to the same private hospital in Vila Velha. His card is considered stable. A third child is being seen at a hospital in Vitória and the other two are already released. Of the five victims, four would be from the same class.

"There was pollution within the school, from one to another, but maybe it was from outside and from that source we are behind," stressed Health Secretary Vila Velha.

Classes where the nursery class started were canceled. It was for the owner to give the reason for Vila Velha's court. The fund where two children have passed before the disease is still open is open because there has been no irregularity in the Sanitary Surveillance survey. However, machete was examined.

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