There is a Christmas tree in the Košice


They raised it for a couple of hours.

KOSICE. Christmas provisions are already fully featured in Košice.

Finally, a new tree arrived at Main Street near the Immaculate.

It is coming from the town of Olšovany and went to Košice town was granted by the Catholic parish.

This information was also confirmed by Ivan Timko from the Municipal Forests.

"Pine pinewood is about 45 years old, depending on how we cut it, and is approximately 17 to 17.5 meters long, depending on how he goes to the pit and what it's up, "said Timko.

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The cables were kept

Although reported between 09.30 and 10.00, we would wait until 11.45.

According to the words of Tim, he named the missing chorus from Olšovian to Košíc.

"There are many cables in the towns, especially those of phone numbers, and so we needed to build them, whether Olšovany and Sadoch were not Torysou. But it was very good at home. to thank the police of their home, to deliver its transport company and, in particular, a state police, which was very cooperative and formalized So we came here, praise. I hope to stand up and serve the Koscians during Christmas this year, "he said about traveling difficulties.

Her chicks had to go down

Despite good looks, it does not bother; The tree can grow further.

According to a man who grew first at the church door.

"There was a staircase down the hill, and their trees were near them enough. The roots were already disturbed, so they wanted to throw it off. We looked at it and saw that He was very good, so he finished his career as a Christmas at Košice, "he explained.

The beauty of the tree can not be rejected

Both included and built up; Crowds loved several passengers.

Many of them stopped to see this annual activity in the form of pictures or videos.

His answers were positive. The address said that this was a fantastic year.

Among them there was a Japanese family who came to Kosice again.

"We came for a one-day trip and check out how to plant a tree in Kosice," the family's father went in.

Koscian Igor first appeared to be shaking but, after a straight tree, he does not think more.

"Nice, more beautiful than last year," he said with a smile.

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