There is a death count in the small town; doubled


Prince George was home to deaths related to drugs last year, according to the numbers of B.C. Coronation Service which was distributed this week.

That is near the doubling of the 24 that were recorded in 2017.

"We do a lot and save life but it's still not enough to overcome the huge impact of the drowning drug supply that people turn on because they are still in pain and have no other choice, "Public health of health; Northern Constabulary Andrew Gray said Friday.

"I'm feeling sorry and I'm sorry that so many lives are lost and the number of friends and family out there, in some cases, many people have lost near him. "

1,489 people from illicit drug victims died in 2017. The fascinating and humorous factor was found in 86 per cent of these deaths, according to the Crown Service.

The mental health promotion numbers and the minister were the pleasure of B.C. to ask health officers to ask for the provision of safest drugs to go to; fought with the growing barrel of his death; dying and urging the federal government to open up a "confident conversation" on non-criminal.

Gray added support for the move.

"There is safe provision of opioids out there, the medicine supply is the same but the only way to get in there is not by means of a prescriber and a pharmacist for letting and there are many restrictions when people have the right to order opioids and what is considered appropriate, "he said.

"And just people's ability to do that work with all other work that doctors and doctors need to do. It's not enough to remove the black market, that's what we need. "

At the departmental level, Gray said that more people are losing redundancy of motor vehicle accident, self-kill and murder accidents are being compiled. The degree of roxygen death is now greater than that at the highest level of HIV problem in the late 1980s and early 1990s, he said.

Looking forward, Gray said he's a see a "bigger debate" of offenders and consolidate safer provision.

"It does not appear to be right around the corner, but it's apparent that there are debating themes and reasonable choices that start taking a festival," said Gray.

At 382, ​​Vancouver was home to the greatest number of deaths, just over 376 in 2017. Surrey was 210 at the age of 210, and Victoria at 94, and Kelowna at 55 and Kamloops at 48, and then Prince George.

However, at 92 percent, Prince George saw the biggest increase since 2017 while Kelowna dropped 20 battles.

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