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LITTER: A debate is to ensure that a banner in the Langley classroom is learning or attacking

Writers of letters come down for and against the face of a & # 39; hanging bracelet & # 39; in the Walnut Grove class.

Show Editor,

Although I understand the weight that has been done by doing it; Seeing the flag, I'm going to see it; quiz to remove wisdom.

SUBMITTING: Discussions will break over a Japanese banner in the Langley classroom

In fact, we hope that the students who opposed their presence, know that significance. But if we continue to & # 39; hide some of their history because they may be uncomfortable for some, how do we learn from the moment?

SOURCE ACTIVITIES: The logo of banner is & # 39; A & # 39; rising sun & in Langley High School; requesting a petition

Within one short generation, we will not know the problems or effects of our ancestors over difficult situations and we will be at risk to bring these mistakes again. Our work is to remember and write. Lament for those who suffered, to mark their effects.

Life is not easy and to hurt from pain, we will cut ourselves from the fullness of life and take the mediocre in trying to & # 39; safeguard our own personal sweetheart.

Norma Johnson, Langley

LETTER TO LIST LIST: Sun's platform banner does not have to be up in the Langley classroom

OTHER ITEM: Langley's class and Langley history has a place

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