There is a decision regarding the protection of Niesiołowski


The Parliamentary Committee recognized the Rules of Procedure on Wednesday that the statement by MP Stefan Niesiołowski (PSL-UED), in which he conferred condemnation, was formally accurate. The procurator fiscal's office makes complaints about a crime being committed.

Chairman Włodzimierz Bernacki (PiS) informed the management committee's decision on Wednesday.

In late January, the Sejm received a request from the procurator fiscal's office to ban Niesiołowski. The National National Ombudsman's Office report that the procurator fiscal is to prosecute the vice-chair PSL-UED about committing crime of a corrupt nature. According to the procurator fiscal's office, the evidence shows that Stefan Niesiołowski, in the context of deputy work in the period from January 2013 to end 2015, took personal advantages in the form of sex services as an exchange for activities for companies which held for friends. business with him. "

At the end of February, Niesiołowski moved in for revenge of protection. Earlier, he assured me that he did not give any shoes.

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