There is a double murder trial for Edward Downey, who was charged to kill the mother of Calgarry and a 5 year old daughter


WARNING: The details in this story are graphic and may cause some readers to disturb.

A test test has taken place for a Calgary man who was accused of killing a five-year-old mother and daughter.

On Monday morning, Edward Downey, 48, exalted firstborn murder in England's death in 2016 and her daughter, Taliyah Marsman.

Graphic and worried details about the case were explained in an opening statement by Procurator Fiscal, Carla MacPhail.

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MacPhail began to describe Taliyah's last event with her father, Colin Marsman.

Leave Taliyah on 10 July 2016. Taliyah wanted to tell him she was losing a tooth.

Taliyah also had her sister and uncle, Marilynne and Scott Hamilton, FaceTimed have a share of the same news. She spent a lot of time with the Hamiltons.

A court heard that the next day, July 11, 2016, had gone to her mother and daughter.

It was expected that Sara would be appointed and the work expected at 10 a.m.

But Sara did not reveal any promise, and Taliyah never appeared at day care.

Sara's family searched home, but she could not find her.

Sarah's sister, Marilynne Hamilton, said she had started a career around, but Sara and Taliyah did not find anywhere.

Marilynne and her husband, Scott Hamilton, were then home to the northwest of Calgary.

"We all went into the room. There was no idea that there was nothing out of the ordinary."

Marilynne broke down as she said.

"That's all [Sara] love of Taliyah. Taliyah was alive. "

They did not know that Sara's purse was on the floor with her bank inside.

"Her car was away and I thought that was unusual," said Marilynne.

They decided to phone 911.

Original search started with an empty police.

But the second look was looked after by the officer.

"We heard it and he told me not to come in … he told us to stay where we were," said Marilynne.

"I wanted to tell me if Sara and Taliyah were. He just kept saying, & I do not know."

Sara's body was found filling into a laundry and hidden ridge in the Taliyah cloth.

"A duct tape was covered around one, against her mother Sarah," said MacPhail.

The court heard that Sara's sites were tied, his face, face and body were pushed.

MacPhail said that there were fingerprints on a duct failure that linked Sara.

"They were made with the left side of Mr Downey," said MacPhail.

An indirigence proved to have died by destroying it.

After finding Sarah's body, Amber Alert of Alberta was executed for the girl he needed.

MacPhail told players that Downey knew Sara and Taliyah. She was the woman Sara's best friend.

The identity of these women is protected by a discontinuance set by a court, and the first letters can not "AB". Given.

The Crown told the jury the day before Sarah killed, AB texted to Downey who said, "It's then packing packages. I complete this relationship."

MacPhail said that issues were disagreeing, and the jury is responsible for deciding what Downey has sent to her; Sara blamed for that.

The jury was informed that text messaging on the display will be a witness in text texts between Downey and one of his partners, showing his opinion of the effects of Sara to his sweetheart.

The Crown says that Downey had also taken steps to attack her lover to work as a supporter but had decided "was something that she was not going to do she was. "

"It's up to you to decide whether Downey has been blamed Sara for this too," said MacPhail to the jury.

MacPhail said a cell phone tower used by a police analysis from Calgary was moving Downey's movements.

It was a map from that data that brought his body to Taliyah's body to find three days after that just outside its boundaries; town. Her small body was pulled out in some woodlands.

The Crown said that the theory they had killed Taliyah and killed her because she was a testimony to her mother's death.

The family of Sara and Taliyah filled the Monday court room, many were crying when they heard details of the case.

Media was sent out on Friday on behalf of the family.

He said they will attend the test and want privacy as it appears to; case. The family said that a statement was made once and that the jury is in a position; reaching complaints.

The jury consists of five men and seven women.

The test is run for three weeks.

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