There is a facility for HIV stigma cutting in communities


WORLD Aids Day is globally identified on December 1 to raise awareness of the spread HIV / Aids disease. On this day, people around the world agree to remember those who have died of HIV / Aids.

It is an opportunity to look for support, care, patience and love for those who are living with HIV with a view to having the power to know that HIV / Aids can be hit. Those who live with a living can live a livestock and those without life can be negative.

The World Aids Day is remembered to give hope to those who are in the world. suffering from HIV / Aids and giving praise to people who have come to disease.

It is the responsibility of local organizations and NGOs who deliver health services for people to learn and to; giving hope and support for people suffering from HIV / Aids.

The Umvoti Aids Center in Greytown provides all aspects of healthcare and support for people affected by HIV / Aids.

Sithuthukile Mchunu general manager said Greytown Gazette: "We recently received a degree of 160 eight and nine pupils from Buhlebuyeza High School on the Yolo (You Only Live One) initiative in partnership with the Social Development Department, which aims to empower young people with The essential social skills to reduce the risk of young people to HIV. "

Mchunu said that the Umvoti sub-area has helped with a model called "My body, my life, my choice", which is including to teach pupils about HIV / Aids.

The team from the center visited rural schools at Msinga; including Busani High, Mgwempisi Combined, Ophathe Primary, Siphakeme Combined, and Mashingizela High. Over 5,000 pupils attended their attendance; A program where teaching has been sustained on sexually susceptible diseases, prevention of teenage fertility, gender-based violence, and personal hygiene.

Mchunu said: "The Elma program in the UMshwati sub-region is a program funded by the Aids Trust in South Africa (Afsa) aimed at reducing HIV expansion, HIV testing, TB scoring, bad abilities, and an ART connection for children and adolescents aged 18 months to 19 years.

"We run Connection Clubs in the UMshwati sub-area aimed at improving ART compliance for people who are living with HIV and bringing them Opportunities for support systems and platforms for continuing education on HIV regulation. Those who live together can live with a lively life and people can not live negatively. "

Consideration of the high level of HIV in young girls, the center took part in a campaign with the Health Systems Trust in the year.

"It's important to balance education, awareness, and ban in all areas of the community. Afsa Dreams aimed at girls and young women aged 13 to 24," said Mchunu.

The aim of the program is to support, educate and assist people affected by the pandemic HIV disease in the Umvoti sub-area.

This program provides a safe place for poor problems, nutrition, school uniform, food packaging, clothing, identity documents, grant aid, and referring to relevant government departments.

The center also attempts to & # 39; The gap between rural and urban communities through access programs in rural towns to educate the community on HIV / Aids prevention.

Mchunu said: "Umshwati's everyday programs are support clubs, support groups and HIV testing services and so the teams travel to those areas a day. We are often part of our clients. school initiatives. So we work in every 14 Ward of Umvoti. "

However, HIV / Aids prevention education has not yet come to many rural communities.

Mchunu said: "Much remains to be done to reach the deepest rural areas so that they have access to vital health services. The Department of Health is involved in a community based model that is designed to give health care to the people.

"The NGO center such as Umvoti Aids is designed to protect that gap that is still in place. This can only be done with partnerships between the Department of Health, the towns [local and district], NGOs and businesses, especially for the Umzinyathi area. "

She said that the center works closely with all stakeholders in the Umzinyathi District to pursue the ambition of President Cyril Ramaphosa in the Nation State Room this year of expanding the test and its & # 39; tackling the HIV / Aids campaign by going to # 39; Two million people have an anti-retroviral cure by December 2020.

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