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Prostate cancer is a major threat: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Disease, about 13 out of 100 men are fined with cancer. protest – two or three of these men will die.

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An investigation from early 2015 showed that men with genes who did not oppress prostate cancer have been investigated. They only received 30 published articles on the # 39; subject, and there were not many reports reports or case studies: only four evaluative reviews were published at the time.

According to Dr. Simon Rosser and Dr. Bill West, who helped to create the book Gay and two-sexed people living with Cancer Prostate: From Disclosure to Revival, lack of research declines to stigma around homosexuality. Some members of the medical community do not want direct men to ask about their genetic side for fear of disturbing the patient.

Rosser and the West are both married, gay health professionals. They are also brushed cancer survivors.

"When my husband was confirmed and had a radical prostatectomy, we got out for help," Rosser said NBC News"We were surprised to see how little it was out there. I realized there was no study, no research. The area was a bad case. "

It does not send to & # 39; blamed homophobia for the lack of information on gay people and people with cancer prostain. Instead, he is sending a & # 39; blamed the long-term focus of the medical community on HIV / AIDS.

"Our efforts aimed at HIV, keeping young men alive. In fact, the older people were in the secondary school."

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Despite this, there are blind spaces that directly impact on males and two-dimensional men larger than their direct ones. Casualty issues can be more traumatic for eterosexual female patients. After cure, pregnant women may experience more difficult or lesser analogy than their libidos.

Poverty can also be more difficult after the cure, since radical cure on adults leaving the area is more aware.

The lack of information has also allowed to create cumulative myths, such as & # 39; belief that anal species or drug use can increase the availability of prostitution cancer. None of these are to increase your opportunities for oppressive cancer, or smoking, alcohol, what sex do you have? you or even on a bike.

Rosser is working to raise awareness of the needs of gay and two-sexed men who may have anxiety cancer. With a permanent rate of 99% for those who find it early, it will be more important that high quality care remains are available to men with men, who can help them; finishing the stigma and myths.

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