There is a great opportunity to open the "outdoors" full!


There is a great opportunity for full

Until now, the public opinion has suspected that there was a new decision. It has been a long way since Mr Park's decision was made without a decision and the 2018 Brathers decided to be the best player in the league.

ASIAD 2018 and the three AFF Cup 3 games in 2018, a "chief" decision still retains a "cable" cable, but its contents have a & # 39; gradually declining. When Van Quyts's Building Park is on its way; bays against Malaya, many still believe that it is an innovative choice for an amazing rival. But when he had to be removed from his & # 39; game against Myanmar, there was only a style explanation.

He decided to play under the strength, both ends and rhythms. It is expected that Tuwunna Stadium will look like a & # 39; member to higher levels for Vietnam, but as a result, there are problems of decision making from the first member, or the risk of loss of obesity.

There is a great opportunity for full

Mr Park saw these signs, not just Xuan Quyen but Xuan Truong, he had to change staff so that Vietnam fiddle can pay a price for a distilled distance. And Van Toan was selected.

There is a great opportunity for full

The "silver hair", as we saw at ASIAD at the end of August, was thrown out on the bay but again in the field, visited the aims. "Assassin" – another quality in Van Toan who recognizes his Park, by the distance, light and enthusiasm; in the brand of the HA.GL.

If the help referee does not smile – legitimate – Van Toan last night, he does not need to be bitter: an "offside" full. Then he has two goals in two continuous games in the same situation: a & p; member to go out and crash. This is a series of "hunter" in the penalty area.

There is a great opportunity for full

Not all looks very similar, but it also proves everything if it is used, it will be very effective. Not least of the challenge of opponents over some other teams on his / her. park. This will mean that a coach of Park Hang-this must be & # 39; Thinking more, especially when they are busy in Vietnam; preparing to enter the hill.

What's better for Cambodia and Park for the next game with Cambodia?

The challenge is not too difficult, a situation that is not too tight, the world's planetary attack demands the target and wants … Tung each war is so madly Van As the context is a The new and promising atmosphere.

There is a great opportunity for full

After 3 matches, Vietnam will find good results, but a personal style as well as a general play style has not been very happy with fans. The safest one is defended, with Van Lam and three main defenders have been "covered". Left, mid player and striker in trouble, unless in Xuan Truong also come to the Decision. Park Hang said – the game itself was not good, missed many opportunities and many of the games lost many times.

This recognition means that corrective steps can be taken in time. Emp Hung was created more often. Tien Linh also known. And lately, then Van is going up to get hold of her chance.

The "offside" quietly hopes not to wait too long to give up its wound. Cambodia, theoretical, and bank are just enough to open a scoring account. The story is that Mr Park is sufficiently reliable to give him the seal or not …

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