There is a huge increase in death in plane crashes (and why one then speaks of "great progress" in air safety)


Last year there has been a significant increase in the death of air crashes compared to 2017.

A report from the Air Safety Network (ASN) indicates that it was in 2018 556 people died in air crashes, compared to just 44 who died in 2017.

A & # 39; 2017 is the safest in history commercial companies, who did not record accidents with passenger airplanes.


The Netherlands-based ASN said that there was a totality in 2018 15 fatal accidents by passenger airplanes. The more fatal were:

  • Lion's crash last October in Indonesia, in which 189 people died. The Boeing 737 Max plane started into Java Java shortly after their capital, Jakarta. Then it was confirmed that the plane was I was not in a state to fly.
  • Cubana Aviation Disaster in May. The plane fell down shortly after leaving and 112 people died. It was ruled that it was the reason human error
  • In February, 66 people died in an air crash in the Zagros mountains, in Iran.
  • Fifty people were killed when a plane fell on land at the Kathmandu airport in March.

"Great progress"

Despite the figures, 2018 is third in the years more secure based on the number of fatal disasters, and the ninth most safest in number of deaths.

According to the NHA, the panorama for improvement in the last 20 years.

The To70 air consultancy company estimates that a fatal accident level for large passenger journeys is 0.36 comparatively per million trips, which is equivalent to a fatal accident for each 3 million.


"If the level of the accident was left likewise 10 years ago, 39 accidents would be dead last year, "said ASN's active director, Harro Ranter.

"As far as the accident was in 2000, 64 accidents would be dead." This is a & # 39; show the great progress towards it safety in the last forty years. "


For ASN, it's one of the biggest safety concerns for an air business as it is called "Call of control disasters" (LOC, for its measurement in English).

The types of accidents that describe a loyal who can not get in of the flying route that is expected, caused by mechanical failure, human activity or environmental disturbance.

Most of these accidents are fatal, says the ASN.

At least 10 of the 25 collisions were at LOCs more difficult of the last five years.

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