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The Communications Authority of Telecommunications (TRA), which was represented by the Emergency Response Team of UAE and its General Holding Company, Businesses, the name of an understanding memorandum aimed at collaborative areas and co Identification of information in a range of information security, co-ordination tool for information exchange, Cyberspace risk warnings, including attacks, viruses and cutting, as well as space response response services.
Engineer Mohamed Ghayath, E-Security Executive Director, said: "TRA has a good knowledge of a security of intelligence, anti-piping and cyber attacks in all forms. years of serious work and ongoing training of national staff. The Commission's commitment to its important role in helping all government, federal and private agencies to use the latest methods and information security. Today's information has been a valuable asset and it is our duty to protect and protect Ways, which contribute to the cultural and economic revival of the state ".
"The rapid growth of the network of information and more extensive use of the internet has led to a set of security threats and threats, and ways and ways to tackle them," said Gaidhth.
Fon MOU, the team will respond to the helper's instructions and instructions and provide initial advice on threats and wounds to help them achieve better results to protect the systems and the information from cèbear attacks.

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