There is a lovely and genuine breakfast diet & # 39; Kylie Jenner has appeared


Kylie Jenner has just shown what he is trying to keep her incredible image – his solid diet is obviously "very complicated".

The young child gave to the Instagram story yesterday to share her breakfast breakfast in the morning with more than 126 million followers – to share the struggles she needs to make a healthy breakfast interesting.

"My food is so attractive now because I eat the same thing every day," she added with a picture of eggs that were scratched, bacon and jogging.

Jenner told Instagram to complain about her
Jenner has taken Instagram to complain about "lovely" brilliant food. Picture / Instagram

Another thing that Kylie tightens him and he can not do without having a skipper drink.

"I'll try to drink about 16 oz (473ml) in the morning and wait 30 minutes before eating," she said in another picture of her; full barley ready.

She went on to describe her benefits, saying that there are many C and K vitamins as well as foul and potassium, and there are studies of her; show that the acres are involved in a & # 39; fight and prevent cancer and liver disease, (reduce) and (support the health of quiz, discharge, discharge trees, and weight loss incentives. "

She was quick to make it clear that the drink was for "health benefits" and not a "weight loss".

Make sure you meet a doctor before starting a swing.

Jenner juice juice. Picture / Instagram
Jenner juice juice. Picture / Instagram
Jenner says that the zoo is for health, instead of weight loss. Picture / Instagram
Jenner says that the zoo is for health, instead of weight loss. Picture / Instagram

When it comes to the morning's coffee, Kylie will wait 30 minutes before he spends it by doing it. using Vital Proteins Collagen Creamer.

The dietary development that is free from photocopy inserts and is powered by. Believing it will improve skin, hair and strength of the table, as well as helping you for your joints.

Post-child, the age of 21 made a strong move towards clean, organic food – and stayed long before she was pregnant.

Appointing the Khloe sister's app, in mid-year, She knew that although Jenner was not the man, she is a safe one, she is aware of what she's doing. going on.

"Kylie is eating as a normal teenager but she also knows what she's getting her body when it comes to a new and organic meal. It's about that evaluation, boo!"

According to Life & Style, the Kylie diet after having a baby mainly includes fish and organic chicken, and has cut all carbs and fried foods – not for raw vegetables.

The young man's metabolism is undoubtedly impressing her, but according to Life & Style, Kylie has built her work that she is doing. including "lots of weights, cards, running, bellows and shoes".

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