There is a picture of a fashion model that catches a judicial battle


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Star Globe at Golden Globe Awards, it was said that she had been scratching on famous celebrities; red flagship, and then got out in a legal battle with its water company adding its reputation.

Kelly Steinbeck, known as Killeth Cuthbert, was known as the "Fiji Water Girl".

The story began when Kelly's photos, laughing, and # carrying a bottle of water bottle, behind many celebrities at the Hollywood awards ceremony.

But this has become a problem between its model and Fiji Water Company. The 31-year Canadian model sent a flyer against her; water company and the owner (Winder Water) for use as a promotional advertisement.

The model sent the complaint to its company to " Using image, identity and advocacy in a global advertising initiative without agreement.

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In a lawyer, the owners of the Fiji Water Company said Friday that Kelly Steinbeck had signed his name for a one-year contract with her 90,000 US $ 70,000 And they expressed her and her agents to be "greedy".

They referred to the lawsuit as "a clear attempt to protect their obligations under the contract," saying they are now in a position; trying to catch up to 500,000 ($ 385,000 GBP).

"Stainbach is feeding in her hand that she has been discharging her to the company who is responsible for giving her a chance and her ways to take advantage of the 15-minute internet name, "said the campaign.

The model was published widely in January, and Kelly received more than one 200,000 He was a fan of Ingram's website and featured on television.

In an interview with her, after being famous, Kelly said she had asked her to form a famous image by clicking on her. appears behind him and she found that she was just a do her work "to give up the stars with water."

She told him a local television channel ( KTLA 5) In Los Angeles: "You need to look good if you need to appear in a picture."

"It's not just one camera; there are lots of cameras that your photo will give, wherever you stand," she said.

Her legal team said her legal group was a propaganda game.

"Fiji Water, Windewater, or multi-billiards do not disturb Chaol," said lawyer Kishya Reynolds to CBS News.

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