There is a secret "secret body" group of ways breaking, alumni concerned for young people


Foreign foreign language department at University of Wales; Business: A secret group to escape the lines, worrying alumni for young people - Picture 1.

A "Closed Group" was destroyed

In the evening of November 15, Lao Dong newspaper published the report describing the "Disability" language in Hanoi Business University, Showing the lies in English language exam tests for students Here.

Accordingly, he wants to give the test, most of his / her; Business University students have been "anti-slip" packing. This fee cost 1.9 million VND / student with the following priorities: To & # 39; Understand and remember about 80% of test questions, with order from the exam during intercourse …

Unfortunately, students who do not pay a & # 39; tax "against the descendants of" appearing "as the students say," or how they "are otherwise marked" – as they identify their own trains . South Westerly

The foreign language outside at the University of Business: A & # 39; secret body to escape the paths, & # 39; Concerning Alumni for Young People - Photograph 2.

"Strongly" rampant before "disappearing".

Previously, according to the research of Labor PV, a dedicated Facebook group: an English test result – has a collection of more than 4,400 students who are students at Hanoi Business University on HUAI. out of the "anti slip".

Administrators of this group – introduced as Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​(Hanoi University) speakers. regularly informing new courses, asking for real money. Early "anti-slip" pack to graduate at the time.

With the number of permanent students arriving in thousands of students, the lecturer's hard time often lists the list and then, The student department to classes throughout the week. However, according to true records, many students just go to the last session to get answers to the test subjects.

Foreign foreign language department at University of Wales; Business: Secret secret passages of the group, alumni will have anxiety for young people - Picture 3.

Facebook's message shows that the Agents changed the name of the group at about 15h40 & 39; on November 15. Screenshot.

After the newspaper Lao Dong published the article: "a foreign language product" at Hanoi Modern University of the University, just after a few minutes, this group will suddenly disappear on Facebook, it is not save any further search.

Concerning Alumni for young people

Speaking on the article, some alumni from the University of Business said the foreign language "anti-slip" package was a pack It has been for many years in the school and the statues in the reporter Lao Dong – well known.

"Its price has also increased, in recent years, the 1.5 million equipment price has now risen to 1.9 million," said N.T.P, an old student at the University of Work.

Some other students are happy to be graduated, depending on them, if this time is just trying to produce a product; real language is an "important mission".

Foreign foreign language department at University of Wales; Business: A secret group to escape the lines, worrying alumni for young people - Picture 4.

An old student shared his thoughts well when issues were published to other members of the group. Photographs.

At the same time, many other ideas of sympathy contributed to students in the low course by: "As it came to pass, then the students suffer after that." No "Now the teachers are tight, not They do not know when they are new to school? "

Even under the article of Lao Dong's newspaper, a series of readers also said that a foreign language qualification at many universities and colleges in Hanoi is still going on with a lot of complexity.

Currently, according to charts, the event continues to move between student community, alumni to thousands of Hanoi Business University.

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