There is a source in Asian that clones themselves can spread rapidly and far in the US, a study says


"This application can affect people, pets, farm animals and wildlife," said Ilia Rochlin, author of the study and psychologist and researcher associated with the Rutgers University Center for Vector Biology.

Until recently, this species was only found in China, Japan, Korea and the south eastern Russia as well as in parts of Australia, New Zealand and the islands & Pacific. Then, in 2017, its first number of ancient Asia was converted from Asia to New Jersey, and then discovered in Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Arkansas.

Although the ticket is capable of causing infection, there has been no cause of illness, either in people or in animals, a statement in the United States.

"It's a great chance that this tag is spread widely in North America," said Rochlin. "Mosquito's control has been a great success in this country, but we are losing our disease with tick-borne diseases."

Abnormal breeding abilities

Dina M. Fonseca, director of the Center for Vector Biology, Rutgers professor of psychology and previous report co-author published by United States Centers for Controlling and Changing Disease, has the amazing potential of the & # 39; at green green tickets for making clothes.

"These chromagan is parthenogenetic, which means that women create diploid eggs (with a full set of the mother's DNA) becoming adult without having to use male DNA, "wrote in an email. (Fonseca did not add to the new survey.)

Out of about 700 "hard" grid species – where one of them has an Asian shooting green – we do not know it's been a parthenogenetic. "So it's very rare but it's not special," said Fonseca. This unusual way to create clones that means that the ticket can be created; Bringing his "great" to his guests. "We saw huge numbers of animals as well as dogs."

Museums of vacant nights: USA National Ticket Collection
One of the diseases that causes green green illnesses is a Severe Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Severe Syndrome, a recent illness in China, South Korea and Japan, according to the previous CDC report.

This syndrome, which also causes nausea, diarrhea and muscle pain, including the hospital for most patients and their patients; is executed for up to almost one third of those infected. This ability is a cause of concern because the relationship between illness, Heartland's infection, and the Northwest state and the Diseases of the United States, are noted.

Two ancient green chromes: a nymph or unnecessary tummy to the left and an adult woman.
The ticket can also carry other pathogens, including viruses that cause Lyme, erthylosis and anaplasmosis, Rochlin said. Each of these diseases can lead to a real disability.
In Australia and in New Zealand, the Asian greener green ticket has attracted anileriosis to cattle. Also known as "poor anemia," the illness causes harassment, lack of food and, in heavy cattle, injurious emotional or diagnosis. "In some areas of New Zealand and Australia, this application can reduce 25% provision in milk cattle," said the CDC report.
Summer campers will face fatigue and mosquitoes

& # 39; Where would it be accommodated or where would it be located? & # 39;

As the ticket is found in very broad regions of the United States, Rochlin believes he has been present in the United States for a number of years "and is likely to get extra land. For his new research, he created habitats in North America.

He examined climate data from Asia, Australia and New Zealand where the ticket is set up and then compares it with climate statements for North America

The most suitable habitat for ticking coastal areas as far north as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as far south as Virginia and North Carolina, found Rochlin. On West Coast, the area where the ticket is & # 39; Living from the southern tip of British Columbia to Northern California.

Tick- and extracted diseases of mosquit are more complex, since 2004, in the USA

The countryside may have bigger rods like this: from Louisiana to the north to Wisconsin and to the south of Ontario and Quebec, as well as the west to Kentucky, Tennessee and Missouri, its survey showed.

Green greenshells can be "very abundant" in favorable habitats, Rochlin said. "Together with the bitter aggressive behavior of this species and its ability to carry human movements and animals, this species represents a significant concern to the public."

Curves across the Asian logo

Erika Machtinger, a former professor of psychology at the Pennsylvania State University Agricultural College, said what's "amazing" about the new study that he is saying; Given the information that everyone wants to know: where it would be possible, or where would it be possible?

Machtinger, who was not involved in the new research, said she was fond of "put these new scary things in sights. The Zika virus was one of those people."

"When you think about our current native patagots that are a problem, Zika's virus was blunt on the radar," said Machtinger about Zika's worries in the USA ashore in 2016. The indigenous pattern of Lyme's disease Healing about 320,000 people every year and "He can die. It can have a bad effect," she said. "That's a problem [tick] Something we need to be aware and watch over, but people do not be afraid of you. "
Tossing the population completely - and the illnesses that they take - the government will be disturbed

Because there were not many of the things that had been done; Feeding this virus on people, & # 39; Machtinger said that perhaps cattle and other cures could be bigger. However, she did not put the risk down completely because this is the first attack box that the United States saw in 80 years, she said.

Really similar to the rabbit bee, bird bird and other native species, the Asian unique ticket "was not looked for for a few years," said Machtinger, who believes he has be here from 2010 or even earlier. "That's an important thing: it's here, but it's been here," she said. "And it does not take over north-eastern or eastern USA quickly if it pops up."

Although having the ability to clone itself can cause a ticket of two eggs, "so our arms can be native to us," said Matchinger. At the end, she said, & # 39; The feminine green tick may not be less frightened than the native species.

Rochlin said that this does not block her & # 39; introducing US species "to strengthen the need to develop an overarching strategy for controlling control control and preventing disease disease." He said that the best protection for those who are worried to use "is their usual habits compared to the boxes suggested by the CDC," how to & # 39; treatment of clothing and gear with 0.5% results licensing and & # 39; Check your body for tartan after being out.

Machtinger said, "to be diligent in protecting yourself and your animals." And, if you encounter a ticket that you have never seen, take it to a surgeon or university and ask for help.

"We are responsible for our community scientists," she said. "We depend on people who are out there and we get strange things on the animals that they have never seen before [in] and say, & where can I find this? Can you help me? & # 39; "

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