There is a steam train from the Hue-Da Nang railway


The Vietnam Railway has called on the Ministry of Transport to consider the level of investment and approval of the policy to enable the use of the steam engine support works to be used on the Hue-Danang section.

If agreed, there will be another type of touring pass on a steam train. This is a new type of travel travel, it will attract tourists to integrate many tourist landscapes, a fascinating landscape of Central America.

This is a joint project of rail transport between the Vietnam Company Limited Limited Limited Company (VNR) and Indochina. Investing in construction and & # 39; the development of a movable railway stock for a railway transport industry with a passenger train steam locomotive.

According to the Directorate of Railways, the current line has been operated by a diesel drawing. So, to use the steam engine, the project needs to build constructive work, such as bridges, tunnels, tunnels, coal and water supply systems at Hue railway stations. and Kim Lien in the reserved area for a railway (support works at Lang Co Railway Station outside the field of the railway land).

After evaluating the investor's project, the Railway Executive found that the assistants are working for their project engineer; leading to road processes and modes. current iron; Its scale is based on the number and types of modes of moving stock that the project will use.

On the asset management plan, each work and resources will be carried out; The project is the investment of the enterprise, which is invested by the initiative, is managed and maintained. After completing a project contract, the campaign must eliminate and move out of the field of the railway land.

On the project's locomotives, the Railway Ministry reported that an old MIKADO (automatic) steam with a capacity of 10.5 tonnes was renewed and VNR passenger cars were updated. To provide service to tourists, the Vietnam Register has awarded the certificate certificate.

To work and work, VNR will undertake a training program, allocate trips and record training, transport jobs, draw services (collection, set up vessels); repair and maintenance of support jobs and moving stock vehicles.

In addition, VNR is committed to making Hue-Danang a steam engine on a passenger train to ensure safety and without affecting passenger transport, customary goods on this section.

Based on that, the Vietnam Road Administration has just called on the Ministry of Transport to consider the level of investment and approval of the policy to enable the use of Hue-Da steam locomotive support works. Nang.

Previously, from September 20 to 2016, the Indochina Railway Tourism Services Limited Limited contracted a Vietnam Rail Company contract on passenger transport co-operation on the steam engine train on the Thong Nhat line, the Hue-Danang division.

The company signed a contract with Di Railways to build three renewable steam locomotives and new vehicles; Finishing the support works for using a steam engine, while at the same time self-financing to build a number of items; serving the steam engine.

The Indochina Company is responsible for paying operating costs for transport, and # 39; using railway infrastructure and other taxes for Vietnam Vipeline.

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