There is a system of ports and business; creating attractive buildings in Phu My – Ba Ria


Port and business system creates an attractive force in Phu My - Ba Ria - Picture 1.

In addition to the Thi Vai – the Cai Mep waterfront port is the 19th world in the world, Phu My's business system has up to 5,000 hectares to create a strong economic capacity.

Phu Mo head to town of Thi Vai – Cai Mep

According to its development plan, Phu My town will be 2030 to & # 39; Developing a portable port service service.

This is a strategy based on the unique location of this area: Thi Vai – Cai Mep (the only port group in Vietnam with shipping trains just to Europe and America. It does not go through a third countries) and the situation is fast link to the main economic sectors of the south of Ho Chi Minh, Dong Nai and Binh Duong.

At this time, Cai Mep's marine area is gaining unprecedented growth levels by 2015 (up 28%), 2016 (35%), 2017 (22.6%) and is among the fastest ports a & # 39; grow in the world. (Alphaliner), the highest sixth highest in the world and the highest in southeast Asia

Not to stop there, to swiftly move goods to the South East, South-East and Cambodia, Ba Ria – Vung Tau has been in a position; Surrender of infrastructure construction connected to the Vi-Vai – Cai port. Edge.

Main Highway 51 National Highway routes 15 of the 15 business parks in the department; Highway 56 – the route to avoid TP. Ba Ria will translate the transport route from Chai Mep – Thi Vai business zones and ports to Bien Hoa – Vung Tau route route and Main Roads No. 1 to the area's economic areas. the southernmost economic division and the South Central and Central Highlands Department; The Raasay route 4 is expected to cross the administrative boundaries of 12 areas of 5 districts and cities; Well Hoa the main road in Vung Tau for a distance of 77.6 km; Ring road 3, Ben Luc – Thanh Fada route connecting the countries to the south east and southwest.

Port and business system creates an attractive force in Phu My - Ba Ria - Picture 2.

The system of connected roads in the He Quat – Phu My town has been completely and is co-finished, and contributes to a & # 39; making this area as one of the main economic power stations.

"With the view of the countries of the world, the rich cities always have an international ports and good traffic traffic, with the two situations above, I find that in Phu My, it's a reason. It's necessary to play for it. Le Minh Mac, a estate investor for many years, lives in Hoa Well.

"Since the end of last year, I've been buying land in Phu My District, so far, the land has been in good condition, and I am I hope to buy another two at Golden Citi. This is a project. I am extremely fond of how an investment can be at a cost of just 1.3 billion for the region of 600m2" Mr Mac added.

A new opportunity in Phu My

Not only Mr Mac but many investors are now pouring to Phu My home; looking for investment investment opportunities. According to experts, Phu My is considered as a debt investment because land prices are still lower than other areas such as Binh Duong, Dong Nai. In addition, this property also has a steady increase. According to numbers, the land in Phu My increase rose from 20% -30% annually from 2016.

"I think that an estate in Phu My is really good for growth, not just the world's major 19, there are 5,000 business zones too. A current 2-3 year growth, the demand for housing for professionals and staff is very large. I just thought 600m to buy a floor2 At the Golden Citi project, this project is only 200m away from the Samsung Business Park. " Ngoc Hoa, a well-known museum, lives in Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

In the Phu My town area, 09/10 business parks have been established and business groups 03/05 work with a scale of nearly 5000ha. With the rapid industrial development, Phu My attracts a large number of staff to go to; stay here and work. It is anticipated that the Chau Duc Townscape Business Park will only cover around 80,000 workers, including around 10,000 local workers.

"Housing demand in the next 2-3 years will be high when residential land planning in Phu My is just 9%, and that is why estate projects within the residential area are Phu My The Golden Citi project, thanks to the benefits of the existing resident area in the middle of the United States, should be introduced to the market but it has been to be popular with users. Thanh Long, a merchant in the Phu My town.

There is a port and business system that attracts properties in Phu My - Ba Ria - Picture 3.

The established benefit in the residential area of ​​He Tac Ward, Golden Citi is considered as a safe and rare investment investment in Phu My – Ba Ria.

The Golden Citi 23-stage project, located at the main spot of the Black Spot center, is introduced into the market in early November 2018 with a price of 1.3 billion / 600m2South East This project has many advantages in relation to connection such as: 4 sides near the road and the route around the surrounding area; market, school … 500m.

In addition, the project is easily linked to other points such as Thi Vai – Port Cai Mep (7km), Thanh Long Airport (15 minutes), Ba Ba Baile (15 minutes) and Ho Chi Minh City (45km ). minutes).

In the future, the project will be more attractive when the opening of the Beinn Luc – Long Thanh route will be opened in 2019 and the road that connects Bien Hoa – Vung Tau will be built next to. the project. Thanks to this particular place, not just what its project is going to do; attracts the attention of investors but also buyers for living or renting.

According to information from the Golden Citi distribution and marketing unit, interested customers will receive investment and investment projects during the period 6-11 to the end of 2 December 2 gold. If you are interested in the Golden Citi project please contact: 08.89 39 88 68 or visit our website:
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