There is a tropical tide going to her; East Sea with dangerous winds


According to the Metropolitan Weather and Hydrographic Center, at 19h on November 21, the tropical depression center is approximately 10.6 degrees north; 120.5 eastbound, approximately 100km west of Phalawan Island (Philippines). The strongest wind near the middle level of tropical low shoe 7 (50-60km / h), level of circulation 9.

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The lower tropical route (picture: Center for Hydrometeorological Inspection)

The tropical depression is expected to be; move north west to west every hour in the next 24 hours and travel around 20 kilometers, and Going to South China and maybe & # 39; grow strong. At 19h on 22/11, the storm center is around 11.0 degrees north; 116.0 East End, Oran Tu Tatha Island (in the Spratly Islands) about 200km southeast south east. The strongest wind near the strength of a strong storm level 8 (60-75km / h), level 10. Wind level 6, level 8, about 80 kilometers from the tropical center of dementia.

Due to the effects of tropical low pressure, in the southeastern side of the sea, there are shades and storms in the southern part of the sea. From tomorrow morning tomorrow, Strengthening level 6-7, and then increasing to 8, level 10; dynamic sea. Accident Risk Level: Level 3.

Hazard in South Sea in the following 24 hours: (strong winds of 6 and higher) from the 9.0 to 12.5 latitude north; East Meridian 115.0 East.


In the next 24 to 48 hours, tephoons will move northwest, every hour to travel around 20km and may be able to travel; increase. By 7:00 p.m. on November 23, the storm center is about 11.5 degrees north; 111.3 eastbound, about 240km east of Central. Strongest wind near strong storm 8-9 (60-90km / h), level 11. Level disaster hazards: level 3.

In the next 48 to 72 hours, tephoon moves west, 10-15km per hour and has capacity to increase. By 7:00 p.m. on November 24, the storm center is about 11.7 degrees north; 109.5 eastbound, in South Central Coast. The strongest wind near a strong 9.9 strong storm (75-100cm / h) level, level 12. Accident risk level: level 3. /.


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