There is a varied fortune for Thailand as Intan to enter a long term & # 39; Puavaranukroh-Taerattanachai is a disaster


Thailand's Ratchanok Intanon is a major impact on a healthy start to get to & # 39; winning a three-game game on Sung Ji Hyun in South Korea and moving to a decision on Hong Kong 2018 Opening.

Sung Ji Hyun moved rapidly to 5-3 lead and then with 8 remaining points away from leading to his / her. first game. Although the sixth seed had to be & # 39; keeping up with the enemy most familiar with the rest of the game, the attempt was not enough enough to win the 10 points as a whole.

Intanon was disappointed with her first game behind her and quickly moved 6-0 up the second. Sung was holding her. case up to 11-7, but Intanon has expanded another 5-point to recover because of the # 39; and Thai asked the second 21-11 game.

The third was a bigger one who opposed his & her; war, with the two pieces that were not willing to give incense. With the scores tied at 12, then 15-a-a-a-17, it came to the case of who was better strengthened, and bored; He was the 23-year-old man who won his case, Thot four points on Trot to close the game 10-21, 21-11, 21-17.

Intanon now addresses No. No. No. Nozomi Okuhara in a & # 39; finals on Sunday after their first game; Tai Tzu Ying had to be withdrawn from his game after his first game, and so on. affect Japan.

The head is going to go between the two stages to a good level at 4-4 with Intanon and # 39; addressing his / her address; at the previous meeting this year, in the Masters of Indonesia.

In the singers of the men, all the eyes were pulled to attack the old world's covenant. 1 Son Wan Ho and the Momento Kento today. Momota had improved the Son of the past four hours, but then around that time; The Korean was in her & # 39; Last smile, struggling to a crucial event 18-21, 21-16, 21-19.

A Mac who attacks Kenta Nishimoto around the World, another Japanese, disappeared easily by Lee Cheuk Yiu's challenge, in the final.

There are no finals in Indonesian in the doubling of humans

The pair Takeshi Kamura and Keigo Sonoda made the 4th highest certainty that they would not have finished all-Indian as they passed on the Fajar Elfian and Muhammad Rian Ardianto confederation. The pair of Indonesiach began to be the brightest, even to the # 39; lead 16-12 lead. At 20-18, their game seemed to have been in their luggage, but the two of them left two games before they took three turns to close the game.

That is a group that will hit the & # 39; eighteenth-twelfth pair; they would never get. At 14-13 in the second game, Kamura and Sonoda pressed the lock to take 7 of the next 9 points and sing a final tour.

On the other hand, the huge pieces of Marcus Fernaldi Gideon and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo impact on the humans, Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Satiawan in three 21-14 games, 18-21, 21-9 to Their 18th prize was taken out of their last 19 matches. They will still go for another title when they come into court tomorrow.

Thailand's flame will die out

Arriving at Mixed Duplexes, Thailand's challenge ended as Dechapo Puavaranukroh and Sapsiree Taerattanachai came to the second seam of Wang Yilyu and Dongping Huang. The Chinese couple did not look meaningless from the game, and taking their first game 21-17. The second game was like it would be a competitive case at the beginning, but at 9-8 the World Number 2 out of 5 points went straight to take unstable leadership, and closing it -mach the game 21-13.

They will face each other with Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino who was a spectacular look in the 21-11, 21-10, Lee Yang and Hsu Ya Ching dropped in just 36 minutes.

Police and Rahayu out

Indonesia's hopes were introduced in the women's double divisions as well as Greysia Polii and the Apriyani Rahayu spiritual attempts went ahead badly against the main seasons Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota.

The Indonesian company made it good enough for its & The first 22-20 game was stolen, but his class of Japan's oldest places succeeded when the game was on, dragging the next two games 21-9, 21-12 to keep their site in the final they will take it The world is 7s Lee So-Hee and Shin Seung Chan.

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