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On November 22, Deputy Prime Minister, Trinh Dinh Dung, led an online conference by ministers and areas to respond quickly to the tropical disaster that is expected to; climb into tephoon. According to Hoang Duc Cuong, director of the Center for Hydrometeorological Inspection, around the afternoon of 22/11, there will be a low pressure on tephoon (typhoon No. 9).

Closer to the shore, the storm will slowly move, the stronger, more dangerous storm. The tephoon is expected in Khanh Hoa to Binh Thuan in the evening of the morning of November 24, with strong winds 9-10, stage 11-12.

Mr Cuong also noted that the storm would be surrounded by the cold air; means heavy rainfall in the southern part of Scotland, the North Highlands and southern Vietnam with the general size of 100-200 mm.

Danang to Binh Thuan area focus range, especially where heavy water is 300-500 mm, even up to 600 mm. In particular, on November 25, this water is very heavy with plenty of water of up to 200 – 300 mm / 24 hours.

In addition, because of tephoon No. 9, the tallest tall of the day, rises at sea level because there are diseases about 1m, so it should be noted by coastal areas.

According to its Chief Steering Group for the Disaster and Disaster Change, the area that the storm raises is & # 39; influencing the urban area full of coastal economic development, especially in the area with many international tourists.

In particular, these are the most vulnerable and badly damaged by tephoon No. 12 in 2017 (45 dead and lost in Khanh Hoa, 70,900 water cascade damage) and Hurric No. 8 in 2018 (Khanh Hoa 19 dead and lost people).

The area of ​​more than 25km of coastline is Watching dangerous erosion, especially in Xom Ra (Phu Yen) and Vinh Nguyen (Khanh Hoa), Phan Thiet, Phan Ri Cua, Lien Huong Thuan); Hoi An (Quang Nam) …

Protect people, aim to ensure the safety of sources

According to its Major Disaster Steering Group, the reservoirs in the South Central region An average of 30-80% of the planned abilities. In the middle of the Highlands there are 540 full water resources, and remaining lochs reach 55-85% of design capabilities.

Local authorities have more than 70% of planned reservoirs and audited reservoirs to operate and implement safeguards.

For small reservoirs, the living spaces of people in urban centers and population centers should be explored and reinforced the guidance to ensure safety and safety; Avoiding events such as lochs in the Tien Cohen town (Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa area.

A warning number grew to strength 9 when it was close to its & # 39; shoreline - picture 1Looking at the Àir storm. 9 heavy rainfall occurs in the southernmost areas of the Central Highlands, southern Vietnam.

However, since most reservoirs have long-term dams, reservoirs are allocated to companies and areas for management purposes. Therefore, the department needs to strengthen the guardian's army, early detection and early handling, the first time if the thing is amazing, not to be done; unfortunately happening.

Note about the situation of the dam in the & # 39; Minister, Hoang Van Thang Rural Agricultural and Rural Development Minister said that the need to collect, and # letting the loch work safe and down the river, and must ensure that there is waterworks,

According to Mr Thang, due to the size and capacity of the various reservoirs, the regulatory units need to take account of the work, this can not be implemented. It is essential to forward the force range to the scrutiny operations itself to make appropriate regulatory decisions.

Recalling the serious losses and spending lessons learned from the recent storms in South Central Coast, Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Nguyen Truong Cuong, Management Committee, Central for Accident Change and Development – In terms of a peaceful situation, the heat decreased tephoons, especially the healthy floods, stormy landslides due to storms.

Mr Cuong suggested that the areas should monitor and guide ship and boat berth at these cars, especially goods vessels, goods vessels, visiting vessels, consolidation measures and implementation to ensure safety and reduce harm by crafts, aquaculture. As a result, last year's illness caused eight transportation to sink in the Quy Nhon port.

On the mainland, families should be removed in landslides, lowland areas, major flood risk, splinters, flood floods and hedgehogs; The plan to ensure the safety of industrial parks, tourist resorts …

At the conference, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung asks the authorities, the branches and the areas to follow the assigned actions, and Focusing solutions to emergency response to Tephoon No.9, to ensure people's safety. Deputy First Minister stated that boat arrangements, dams, transport systems, major projects, ready for oversight of a power grid event, were actively activated by a race.

A warning number grew to strength 9 when it was close to its & # 39; shoreline - picture 2

What is the danger of the storm in Vietnam of Vietnam?

Although the water left 20 dead and missing in Khanh Hoa is still better, the central area is in danger of flooding new floods, especially from Quang Ngai to Ba Ria-Vung. It is anticipated that a vessel, due to a 9th storm storm in the East Sea in the next few days.

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