THERE IS AIDS that Big Ben's size could hit the Earth in 2023, NASA warns him


A bigger warning that is twice as big as Big can hit the Earth in just five years, NASA has warned.

It is anticipated that the asteroid, which is 2018 LF16, will have affected our planet on August 8, 2023.

Fortunately, these opportunities are very low, with NASA expecting a 99.9999967 per cent chance of losing.

The 2018 LF16 Asteroid is about 700 feet (213 meters) wide – approximately two sizes of the Big Ben clock tower in London, or the same size as the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Although the chance that the asteroid falls on Earth is low, if it does, it can make a huge destruction.

What most of this would have had 50 Megatons – equivalent to the Tsar Bomba nuclear device.

The European Spanish Organization explained: "Some asteroids are very big, and they would be very shocking if they wanted to beat Earth, but the population is estimated in the Sun System We are very small and over 90% of these think it has been found. None of these have any effects.

"Some are very small – below 10m diameter – and only a small fraction of the population was detected, but there would be no harm to any effect.

"The main challenge is to come from a population of medium-sized media, between ten and hundreds of meters in diameter."

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