There is an opportunity to survive with an increased heart disease or stroke NOW


The chance that someone persists a heart attack, heart attack or stroke has risen. People also die with the impact of cardiovascular diseases without an older age.

This is shown by research by Heart Foundation. As a result of the most efficient medical methods available to doctors, it is best to take action in such situations. Despite this, more cardiovascular patients suffer from more than 100%. coming to Holland.

"Five years ago, one of both of the Dutch died from cardiovascular disease, now one of four," said Floris Italianer, Heart Foundation director.

At the moment there are about 1.4 million people in the Netherlands with cardiovascular disease. It is about 725,000 people and 675,000 women. It is expected that nearly two million people of the Doctor will be under 2030 cardiovascular patients.

According to the Heart Foundation, the increase in the number of patients can be partially banned if people with more risk of cardiovascular disease are detected earlier. In addition, people are advised to evaluate their blood pressure, cholesterol and BMI regularly.

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