There is enough time to choose good constitutional judges, says Kiska: Pataky does not stand


He stated that the new judges would bring the tailors for the next twelve years, so it is essential to select both moral and professional candidates. Slovakia is waiting for a huge exchange of constitutional judges in February next year, with nine out of all 13, including the president.

"The MEPs have enough time to choose suitable candidates, and we still have enough experts in the legal community to give up to 18 applicants," he said. Kiska said. In his opinion, there is not enough argument from some Members who questioned the lack of time or lack of staff. "Applications will be completed on 7 January next year, that is enough time for discussions, discussions or agreements," Kiska remembered it.

According to President, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovakia is the ultimate commitment to justice in a Slovak Republic and therefore independent experts from the legal community should be there. "People are turning to their constitutional court as the last possible institution, and so it must be a promise of justice and honor." spread.

Pataky does not stand

Applicants for the post of constitutional judge have not yet been elected by the public rights candidate María Patakyová. He confirmed Tuesday after a meeting with President Andrew Kisk. She advised her not to apply for a constitutional judge. But he believes there are enough candidates to make the successful election.

Pataky's ambition does not stand. "I believe it is a huge commitment to the constitutional post of Public Protection Defender, and this must be achieved by the end of the office," she explained. Also, she has not yet chosen his nominee. "It's a matter of conversation, it's very natural, if I face someone, they have a remarkable response, they have to consider" He clarifies.

He believes that the extension of the functions of the constitutional judges in January will not happen, since candidates are sufficiently suited to change the Constitutional Court (SR) of the Soviet Republic within a culturally-established framework. The role of the constitutional judges would not extend the importance of IC's importance. She said that it is desirable that a Constitutional Court should be fully established, in line with full-time sessions and the work of the court.

The President also met Lenka Praženková, chairman of the Court of Justice, and chairman of the High Court of Slovakia Danielou Švecová, Tuesday. Last week, he spoke with representatives from Chambers of Law and the Dean of Faculty of Law.

Ultimately in February 2019, office time ended with nine of the 13 constitutional judges. The Parliament's role is twice selected on the number of candidates for constitutional judges compared to the number of vacancies. Then the judges elect themselves as state leader. MEPs must give 18 names to President Andrej Kiskov.

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