There is evidence of Nissan's car crash chairman


On November 20, the French Government said there was no evidence about Carlos Ghosn, owner of the Nissan car company He is also the Chief of the world's largest equipment maker, including Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi.

The information was also distributed in the context of Mr Ghosn's capture in Japan for a financial fraud raised.

What is the Nissan car park from time to time?
The French government has not found any evidence of tax fraud by Carlos Ghosn, the owner of a Nissan car company.

French secretary, Bruno Le Maire, told the authorities to investigate the case. Mr Ghosn Fee As soon as he learned that he was arrested in Japan, "there is nothing unusual" in the Gosn taxation fee in France.

According to Le Maire, Mr Ghosn is not currently responsible for Renault, so a temporary board must be appointed.

Renault has a 15% share. It is expected that Minister Le Maire will meet on 20 November with state representatives in Renault to consider the case.

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Nissan and Mitsubishi have also announced that the two companies will be retired as Chairman of Ghosn.

In addition, recently Nissan Motor Company Mitsubishi has also announced that the two companies will be retired as Chair of Hope, and Renault has a " trying to meet to make a number of decisions related to Mr Ghosn.

As a result of the scandal, Renault has a 12% share lost in trade on November 19.

On November 19, Japanese authorities arrested Tribute with taxes to deal with law; exchange control and financial instruments of the country, dealing with total financial statements and revenue accounts. individually.

According to Tokyo prosecutors, Hope is expected to win less than 5 billion yen ($ 44 million) in Japan since 2011.

Ghosn works up to 10 years in prison and 10 million yen ($ 88,617) in taxes.

At the same time, after investigating within a month, Nissan said Mr Ghosn had submitted reports to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and that there was bad other behaviors such as disallowing company assets. for personal purposes.

Nissan, Chief Executive of Greg Kelly is also arrested with suspicion in the breach of financial regulations.

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