There is evidence to confirm that Thai administrators are experiencing; make mistakes Sport


Talk to the media, Duong Manh Hung's gold tissue was talk about the Van Toan situation that was deleted: "I confirm that Van% 100 is not outside. That is a very legitimate goal. The correct settlement was not the case and so an enumerator lost a goal against Myanmar.

Challenging situation. Video: on sport

This is the condition of a member but the referee did not look at the ball, from which the ball is away from a leg; Van Toan company under Myanmar player or not. Van Toan has a prominent position on Myanmar player. This situation is not difficult when the helper has a favorable look. I think the referee is irresponsible in the case of Van Toan offside. "

Yang Manh Manh Hung said: "In many games, the situation of his ship was to go wrong with the referee too. The reason why the referee might have been started to The banner was raised. This is not unusual in football. "

The referee Phubes Lekpha is Thai. Picture: Sport 5

According to deputy leader Duong Van Hien, this situation is very aware and is currently happening and it is difficult to decide that the referee is right or wrong in this case.

"I was also looking at the TV game but it was very difficult to complete the situation at the radio station. Because the space of the flat machine is not with the Van Toan position As well, the referee has a clearer vision because Van Toan is not hidden. The referee will look at the referee to cut the whistle in this situation, "said Deputy Chairman Duong Van Hien.

Hien said: "I think the NHM football in Vietnam has a right to decide this situation is Van Toan's" rob the goal "referee. We need to look at the situation in many ways, different angles. In my opinion, this situation can not make a decision that the referee denied the legitimate goal of Vietnam Phone or not.

Talk about arranging, especially Qatari's run, Khamis Al-Marri Qatari, Hien said that this black king worked well and did not. cut the whistle correctly.

Some situations in Vietnam fall into the penalty area and want punishment but it is completely wrong. The surcharge is only 100% of the effort to cut the whistle and decide to sweep the penalty. At the same time at Duy's only time at the end of the game, the Vietnam League strike on the Myanmar defender base off the line but Khamis Al-Marri referee does not; Vietnam victim's telephone phone break. This is a situation where I am not satisfied with the referee, "put the deputy head of the VFF reconciliation panel.

Myanmar vs Vietnam Vietnam referee is in his & # 39; AFF Cup 2018 group that includes the referee Khamis Al Marri à Catar, is the assistant manager Taleb Salem Al Marri and Qatar. Deputy 2 is Lekpha Phubes Thai and is the fourth Thai referee – Titichai Nuanchan.

Phubes Lekpha's Deputy referee in 1981 was born and this is the second international game that he played but he did; The first international match in his official competition. Phubes Lekpha has been responsible for a friendly match between Myanmar and Bolivia in the preparation of Myanmar for AFF Cup.

At this time, ÐTVN was second after Myanmar in Group A, although there are only seven points but the number of objectives. However, the opportunity for the unlimited conclusions is within the reach of a teacher of Hang Seo Park.

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