There is no "complaint" in Pitbull dogs, farmers need to know this knowledge


Thursday, November 22, 18:00 a.m. (GMT + 7)

Pitbull is a fairly wild breed, so the farmer must provide a basic knowledge of himself and his community's safety.

Your head decided Pitbull no

Pitbulls are aggressive and moody. Dailymail Images.

Recently, a woman (an owner) near 30 years of age, Tien Dung, Thuong Tin district, Hanoi was attacked by the family's Pitbull dog when he opened the cage until the food was feed.

When the woman opens her & # 39; cage, attacked. At this time, a nearby woman found her dog, with her shoulder, bite with a dog. As a result of the event, two were taken to hospital for emergency treatment.

According to the original information, this pitbull dog was purchased by the owner for a few months and was often locked in the cage.

"Blood-blooded brooches" are known as the Pitbull breeds due to the aggressive nature and the incredible enjoyment. However, at this time, this breed still has many people chosen and taken as pets.

So, to keep Pitbull safe for the owner and the community, what kind of knowledge does the farmer need to prepare?

In this regard, Mr Lo Van Luyen – a dog trainee at the Kinn K9 Training Center (Gia Lam area, Hanoi) not only does Pitpull's brother but also common breeders need to feed them from a child.

"A dog from a child gathers closer links between the owner and the dog. In addition, it is easier to use dog and dog skills from an adult dog's child," said Luyen.

Mr Luyen added that, for Pitbull wild and medium, he needed regular exercise to prevent nerves; Regularly introduce dogs to people, keep the dog so it does not feel strange when you meet foreigners or a new environment.

Use very little control over a little to be used for dogs. It is a dog dog in Pitbull, so when it comes out, the farmer also needs to comply with regulations such as chains, muzzles …

Your head decided Pitbull no

Mr Pham Quoc Thang – Chief Producer of the Kennel Vietnam Association (VKA) Office in Hanoi.

Even more importantly, the farmer should provide the care and communication skills of his family or family to avoid a situation where the landlord is not there, no one can get close to their dog or go to the toilet.

Mr Pham Quoc Thang – Chief Executive of the Vietnam Association of Vietnamese Association (VKA) in Hanoi also says that dogs do not have an important role in choosing dog, which is ideal for every family and style. training.

For the Pitbull, before breeding needs a selection and a detailed study of the previous life to find out if there is a brain failure. A dog is too funny or too often for building and training.

"Farmers also need to know why they are rising and they have time to look after their dogs. If you do not have a certificate, it's best to do not. build, "Thang shared.

Thang said that the owner of Pitbull should also be aware of the dog's knowledge. He should see the dog to be & # 39; deal or disobey commands; Find out the purpose and find ways to sort it out sooner.

In particular, do not stop or hit the Pitbull as it can be caused by a & # 39; dog to disable the strange system that will attack you.

In addition to Pitbull, what other wild breeders do you have?

In Vietnam, many dangerous dogs are introduced, the power is so dangerous to the Pitbull fighting dog.

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