"There is no doubt that this season does not harm the coach staff"


"Yana Bondar and Nadezhda Belkina have just named girls who just start their way into a dietary career. Everyone learned that they were asking him either. From the beginning, the girls were not ready to deal with stress and psychological stress, because they must do the results here and now. And this was published not in the state of activity, but in the quality of the work on the burning lines. And even the most important thing that they did not go to the penalties, but in poor performance. They stressed: they worked very poorly. They needed the things they could do and do in training. The product would be very different.

Julia Zhuravok spent a very good level – on the four. The end is not enough. Technical errors on the road corridor on their last laptop due to tiredness. However, this is the current level. It is unlikely that she could run better. In the morning Pidgrushnaya temperature rises, and then he fell. But at the end they agreed that Elena had to escape. In any case, she would have been better than Yana. We all understand this very well. And already within one hour after receiving a training session at Yana, they decided to put it. Take the option with the team's smallest damage.

We have been named by Elena Pidgrushnaya for the sprint. We will check the situation of Maria Kruchova. If she's ready to run, Elena will place a place with her. 99% do not start Elena Every other girl is ready. Unhappy with mind, but try to get back normal. See the season is not finished there. Every team has declined. Here, in fact, it is essential to sit down and analyze why this is happening.

We had three ways last year. Anastasia Merkushina, Julia Jimy, has an amazing way. But the whole team does not show results. So, sit down and understand where mistakes have been made. Last year something has been wrong or something else. Generally, it's a teamwork, this is the culprit of the athletes. Initially, the reason is for staff to be in a position; coach, which can not give a general understanding of what is going on; happening.

There's a half season yet – we're very optimistic about the European Championship and the World Championship. We are preparing and waiting for the results, "said Prokunin.

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