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Sunday 18 November 2018 02:45 am Economics a few hours and will launch the 40th session of the International Cairo Film Festival, which will take place from 20 to 29 November. There are many challenges facing the management of the festival, especially the lack of time available to them to complete the filming of their movie program and its makers are invited. Although the opening ceremony is only a few hours away, scriptwriter and producer Mohamed Hefzi, the leader and audiences of the festival, Ahmed Shawki, the festival's art assistant, In the conference «Al-Masry Al-Youm» about many uncertain wonders, & nbsp; including star names and international films that went into the festival. And information about the conferenceSouth Westerly

Mohamed Hefzy, President of the International Film Filme Festival

Why did you dispel all the news on the official competition films?

– – I do not see any emergencies, and her & her; Most festivals eliminated the important films in their official competitions and announced a few days before the opening, and recently two films were sent to an international competition, "Mamanga" with the director Philippine Denis O & Hara, and "Crystal Swan" As the Cannes, Toronto and Venice festivals. The application is suspended to allow us sufficient time to choose and trade between the available films. It is our artistic quality. We will show a large number of movies at the festival or we will receives many international awards.South Westerly

There was an opportunity to share more than one Egyptian movie in the official competition, why was it restricted to one movie?

– – There was an opportunity for this, but we were satisfied with Ahmed Abdullah's "Night of the Outside". It's the most important film setup chosen after the competition level. This year there is a strong competition, although some of the films do not know publicly. But the Egyptian broadband is broadly in the 40th session and we have 7 long films, as well as a documentary film entitled "In Studio of the Arab Republic of Egypt", which was added to the history of the Republic of the Republic Arab of Egypt and its story privately owned by Mona Asaad. There are 3 short films that appear for a & # 39; first time In the departmentSouth Westerly

What about the support of Culture & Culture for the festival?

– – By chance, I saw a letter of my name with the Culture Minister, Dr. On March 27th, I believe that there is a long date for the provisions and ambition that I have; needed for the festival, since this is my first experience to be the head of a big festival in the size of the Cairo Film Film. Yes, I was a director of the Ismailia Festival for two years. And, in fact, I had to think much before I started the program, and thank God and good luck, there were women with experiences that helped me, such as Youssef Sharif Sharif Rizkallah and Ahmed Shawki, and film management team, and indeed Minister was Culture largely works with me, Innovation is the way in which the festival is brought to the world, marketing has an important role in the business, not Only on a screen for films, there is more interest in & # 39; communication with the international film community,South Westerly

Podium and Film Support How did you make a budget for it?

– – We received support from a number of parties, including private and government. Fortunately, we got outside support to & # 39; Given the two budgets we have received from the Ministry of Culture. The total prize is up to $ 150,000, which equals the El Gouna Festival Awards. There is no thousand dollarsSouth Westerly

You started a wild campaign to abolish Claude Lelouche's honor, how did you look at her?

Mohamed Hefzy, President of the International Film Filme Festival

– – There is a difference between the media and the media, and the topic did not take much of the media but the media media problem, which I think is very difficult, because your friends are different from my friends, and Indeed, the film industry has denied many of their businesses to give their opinions and who were honors and hospitals but not nominated to Do not put themselves in front of the cannon and address normalization, and I received a large number of digits; ask me to stay stable on my situation, and there are other high voices that want to express the respect correctly and respect them, and some advocates, and that there was no we are a festival Think of the number of journeys to the Zionist entity or what Mar has been respected or not, this may be a cause for us, but it's the name to honor for the film and the post in the filmSouth Westerly

Why not listen to the musical voices?

– – Following the distribution and distribution of the concepts we informed him, and we put our excuse personally for attending and attending. respect him so that you do not give up a quieter situationSouth Westerly

Why is an Iranian cinema going out of the festival?

– – We do not have any problems with the films in Iran, but the crisis and the political struggle to prevent filmmakers or guests in Iran. We received an Iranian film this year and we have already sent to the distributor and it was agreed with the supervisor. But we did not reach a final agreement with the distributor.South Westerly

What about the statement about abolishing the honor and his / her; shoot on it and then refuse it?

– – Given that we have taken unanimous decision to close the honor and have not identified it, because there is a split of ideas and that I personally complain and so do not disappeared from sending the statement, but it is clear that one person published an informal reporter; reflect many ideas within the Committee,South Westerly

What about Syrian representation?

– – There is no need to host Syrian filmmakers, and this year Syria's short film has been hosting; participate in the podium. Cha d & # 39; we got to participate in the film "Travelers of War" by Goud Said, who participated in the Carthage Festival as he is a representative of Tunisia. It is thought that his exhibition is in local Tunisia, and we would like to share itSouth Westerly

The presence of major non-festivals such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi provides a better chance for you to make choices and work?

– – Indeed, the fèis in Dubai offers us an opportunity and a & # 39; We are stressed, especially since there is a strong festival, such as El Gouna, and in fact the competition would be very difficult and that we would have an impact and we can not get so many movies, to to attract and send a & # 39; hosting the most important movie makers. However, the best work is in the competition context. I think we 're going to; stand on strong ground. We have many important films. Even the projects that were taken to the important Cairo Film Forum. We have 17 projects and 17 projects from El Gouna. They have amazing activities. They offer different jobsSouth Westerly

Are there international stars to be honored in a decision?

Mohamed Hefzy, President of the International Film Filme Festival

– – The first is to be & # 39; Honors the name of the Faten Hamama Award, or another to share his films within the showcase. The festival has a great star from Latin America and has won the Best Actress Award. At the Cannes Film Festival, to showcase her new film, a & # 39; participating as a jury member, and Vines Rural. We decided that foreign guests should not only be interested in the media, but take part in the events and be part of them.South Westerly

Does the festival reduce its chances of being & # 39; Get the first screening on more films?

– – In theory, the festival will be at the end of the year and at least it will compete with non-regular major festivals. By & # 39; Holding the festival in March, we let's continue their first international films that will take part in Cannes and other festivals. This year, we selected 35 films in the Panorama department, we won prizes from major festivals, and this time offers us the opportunity to explore, choose and choose from films. In fact, we do not aim to be a part of the festival program. Li's Accessibility, such as Toronto, but we want to find its first offer in the Middle East and the important search of non-world-wide filmsSouth Westerly

This November date will come after major festivals, are you going to? Can you see that profit or fault?

– – We are associated with IFF and fèisean map «A», And the day change is tough, and I think his fèis in November is very beneficial as he is in a position; allows us to win films in festivals, such as Cannes, Venice and Toronto, and most of our year, as well as the time of the appropriate Egyptian filmsSouth Westerly

How did you deal with government regulations and regulations?

– – We try to cooperate with foreign companies to direct the foreign message, shape and shape; the red brass, the theater and the amount of raw materials and production. Much of the budget, compared to previous years, but I see it as one of the most important things to market the festival to attract sponsors and these costs have not been retained by the state budget . Last year, the DMC channel held its opening and closing budget, and b. He was the only person who was responsible for organizing them. But the festival was the organizer of the events. Please ask us to do this and implement the level of implementation. We are certainly experiencing difficulties due to government slow rules and we have made a unique rhythm. But the elements of the festival management want to get over and over. climate and break. We comply with its rulesSouth Westerly

Why not return to the market for the festival?

– – The idea of ​​the forum and stage at the Cairo Film Festival is considered more like a market, but do not want to sell and buy movies, but they are a common market for projects. They offer opportunities for collaboration between representatives and supporters, festival leaders and festival programs. For example, we will participate together. In Cannes, director of the media in Cannes, also a member of his board of directors, and secretary of the International Federation of Representatives, as well as being in Hollywood's international names, workshops and lectures in television drama, and writing and improving its position, In my opinion, it's impossible to market such as Cannes and Berlin, because our production and the ability to attract big companies to see their films in the Arab, which is a very small market compared to Europe, Latin America, China and France. At this time, but this may have been achieved after 10 years when Saudi and taste have been expanded and there is demand for a European cinema and not just the American , as well as opening and increasing the number of theater houses in the Arab Republic of EgyptSouth Westerly

Why are not the daily festival events broadcast on satellite channel throughout the festival?

The opening and closing editing and delivery of the red card will be delivered daily, conferences and daily activities that our rights are moved. The video will be broadcast on the site of the festival on social networking sites, and the DMC channel will be shown specifically on TV. We will consider the distribution of the channel for the festival on NileSat in the coming years. His activities live on the air for the whole worldSouth Westerly

There is anomaly in the film showcase. Will this problem be saved?

Mohamed Hefzy, President of the International Film Filme Festival

– – But in the last few years there have been no arguments, and this year, technical quality is much better.South Westerly

How to affect the problem of display machines and devices dcb?

– – We bought these tools instead of renting them and the festival came into ownership because it was a huge budget and because the Cairo Festival did not have a legal structure to allow them to buy the equipment and to maintain their responsibility stored as it was a warranty; there. The problem, we were fortunate and running the time to attract the little theaterSouth Westerly

Why is not the festival an independent base from your perspective?

– – We began to implement this phase in previous years, and then we went back to that stage, so that the festival can return to the Ministry; Culture, which I consider as "Dahr" and in support of the festivalSouth Westerly

Why is the Arab honor losing the festival?

– – It is hard for them to leave their family, and they did not give them Arab respect. She has nothing, and we have foreign indigenous personality to honor the openingSouth Westerly

As a representative, do you care about the income that comes from the festivals of the festival?

– – I hope there will be bigger audiences for the films, there are big campaigns on the festival for the films that take part in the festival, and the ticket value is available to all and there will be 40 pounds for the film, but students have the right to buy a book from their office. box to offer a large number of films at 120 pounds, The problem for filmmakers, and a book with 225 not available to anyone who can watch 3 movies each daySouth Westerly

Are you interested in this course to choose from diverse films throughout the country at the expense of an American cinema?

– – It was expected from the beginning that the 40th anniversary of the festival celebrated a great deal of American and American films compared to previous sessions. Normally, American independent films were usually elected from the directors' representation, and we had a huge problem with this. Most of the American film distributors and their relationship with the festival have almost been broken, and this year we have been able to break their own. and we were sent to key distributors and we appeared at Vigo Mortensen, and we will also showcase the most important movie on the Net FlexA platform «Rome», What first time they are & # 39; shows one of their films in the Middle East of a cinema, and shows a large number of American films outside the competition compared to the last five years, and if you look on & # 39; international competition you will find most of the world represented by South America, Asia,South Westerly

We recognize the weakness of Arab participation in the competition, why?

– – Already in an official competition, Arab representation is weak and limited to the Arab Republic of Egypt only, but in the various festival programs you can find a large number of Arabian films and participating in comparison to the last five sessions. For example, you can find films in the Arab 8 and week 3 competition, He said that the number of Arab films that participates in the # 39; official competition during the festival's life between film to 3 films at the highest. It must be the first show in the Middle East, and as a result of the consortium of some filmmakers and the desire to; show their film at other Arab festivals, Weekly or Arab tournaments. TournamentsSouth Westerly

In your opinion, did the festival succeed in creating a geographic diversity of its films?

– – In fact, we are transliterators who move in a very narrow range and are constrained to be able to; watch and watch films to take part in main festivals in Europe and the Middle East. If you look at the films of previous sessions of the Cairo Film Festival, you will find that 70% of them are European and that the rest is Arab and does not find a film from South America and Asia. It should be timidly represented and it is a matter that the program will be represented from all parts of the world, both from Russia and South America, and we have special programs in The films are those areas, that is the nucleas that I will take forward in the futureSouth Westerly

Did the festival name the best Arab film award as an innovative tool, although the ministry has supported the 100 miles previously?

– – The Ministry did not support the competition in any way, and the last two sessions the Cinematography Society supported a Arab competition with two corporate awards: a & # 39; The first $ 2000 and the $ 1000, so few directors gave up and found that these numbers were no longer At the same time, we have a problem and we will try to attract and show Arabic films in festival, especially after the abortion of the Dubai Festival and a competition for attracting the first offers of Arab films, and this year our Arab award has been created in collaboration with the " trust, An independent international committee will look at the Arab films that are in the public domain. participating in the competition; at the moment in the international and Arab competition, and they will be choosing a film that will receive a prize of 15 thousand dollars, as well as its. Competition «Horizons of Arab Cinema» competition for eight films run this year, set up by Mr Samir Farid In a good amountSouth Westerly

Do you support or & # 39; refusing the independence of a festival from Ministry of Culture?

– – The leader of the cultural and artistic festival as well as politics, as it is a large festival that can not be discharged from the state's headquarters and politics as it may be used in alliances and problems and it must be a spectator because it's big in the & # 39; budget and its guests and ultimately the name of the Arab Republic of Egypt is like that or not, Does it have a clear legal context, because it is organized by the Ministry Culture, but the festival is not one of its organsSouth Westerly

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