There is no radical change for platinum, diamond properties saying Zimbabwe minister


LONDON, November 26 – Zimbabwe is not trying to change its ownership rules for changing diamonds and platinum, said Monday's ministry minister, dentists are hoping among some miners that the country will open up ownership because it names mineral frameworks in the coming weeks.

Zimbabwe changed in March the authorization law to limit the rules that it has; The majority of the state's investment in diameter and platinum mines, rather than the mining department as a whole.

Speaking of investment boundaries of investment in London, Minister for Mines and Mineral Development, said Winston Chitando told Reuters that there would be "any change" for diamonds and platinum when asked about a & # 39; Considering that the indigenous rules could be settled longer.

An officer from a minister working on a project in Zimbabwe in an unidentified state, still believed that there could be flexibility if there were miners, for example, a & # 39; invest significantly in the local community.

Zimbabwe has hosted a series of conferences in Africa, as well as being in London from removing Robert Mugabe's long-term headmaster in late 2017, The expectation of the South African mineral country would be more friendly to investors.

Progress has been slow but Chitando said that the country was crucial to change and over the next few weeks there would be policies for different minerals, including diamonds and gold.

Although the rules of indigenization – indicate that the state is " holding 51 per cent of minutes or diamonds – to stay there, Chitando said that the policy would be human; Focusing on improving business value.

For example, the government is trying to ensure that cutting and swelling of stones in Zimbabwe are in other countries.

Most of the diamond fields are in Marange in Zimbabwe to the east, where the production is led by the Zimbabwe Confirmed Diamond Company. It is expected to take 3.5 million carat this year, up from 2.5 million in 2017.

In early 2016, the Mugabe government removed all diamond company companies, including two Chinese companies from Marange, saying their licenses had come to an end after they had gone together as part of a newly formed mining company.

The Chinese have been bombing Emmerson Mnangagwa's new government for retirement, but so far without success. – Reuters

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