There is no return of Zubkov medals / Latha


It has already been said that the IOC has confirmed the results of the 2014 Sochi football competition, meaning that the Latvian pilot Oscar Melbard has secured employment in quads and has won two awards.

As well as that, there will be four in fourteen quarters for the musician of Melbourne, Dumant Dreisken, John Streng, and Arvis Wilkast, and Dreisken is also bronze in two awards.

At a Wednesday IOC Executive Committee meeting the issue of coins re-election at the Sochi Winter Olympics was discussed. Following the disqualification of Russian athlete Alexander Zubkov and the elimination of his results, the IOC Executive Committee officially confirms that Melbard is making the Olympic effort with fans from Dreisken, Wilkinson and t Streng, with duet Melbardis with Dreisken bronze at Sochi Winter Games at each race race.

First, four in four of Latvian athletes, and two out of five, had Latvian athletes as well, and another bequest of Aleksandrs Kasyanovs from Russia was also disqualified.

“Once again I said I had my job. The cauldron was not proved, so I will not restore the coins. I do not change my job. The IOC has concluded some unclear circumstances. they won gold and gave away, " RIA Novosti reciting a statement Zubkov.

By May this year, the new Olympic heroes will have to answer – how and what circumstances they wish to receive. There are four options to choose from: the next Olympic Games / Youth Olympic Games; An Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland; in the next international competition in a world of bubbles or superstitions that connect to Latin and Latin.

As such, Melbardis and her producers are the Latvian Winter Olympics first champions after they have reversed independence.

Last year he won the Strong bronze bronze competition at the Phoenix Competition.

Melbardis is also with Dreisken, Streng and Vilkaste also in the 2016 World Championships. Four years ago he won an overall World Cup for both two to four.

In this season, a 31-year-old slogans reaped the age of rehabilitation after your doctor.

In the Bobsleigh Quad Race at Sochi, he was the third pilot of Steven Holkomb, now a American piper. John Jackson is now returning to bronze. Latvian driver Oskars Ķibermanis won the helpers Helvie Lūsi, Vairi Leibom and Raivi Broku on the 14th place in Sochi.

Meanwhile, two of the Olympic athletes became Beta Beft Hefti, a Holkomba team player and Melbourne's bronze medalists. By Leibomi the Kidbermanis won the 16th place in two places.

Last year the IOC sent Zubkov results and his team at the Sochi Olympics as a result of testing their athletes' tests, giving them “clean” pictures.

Zubkov also turned to the Court of Arbitration Court (CAS) following disqualification, but was not satisfied with the appeal. He was then satisfied with the coat of arms of Russia Alexander Tretyakov, who won gold in Sochi, ahead of Martin Dukur, although this Russian athlete was originally disqualified from the IOC.

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