There is no special amnesty against keeping preservation facilities


Today (19/11), the report provided in terms of accessing and reporting. explained, the Chairman of the Committee Decided With Thi Nga, a & # 39; receiving ideas from countries of the National Assembly, that the additional law does not propose a special amnesty for Offenders to guarantee the rescue of technical facilities and facilities of the Vietnam Socialist Republic, crime against her stealing a keeper.

At the same time, according to the specific situation in each particular illness, the law specifies the President of the State to make a decision not to; special invaders in other cases.

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The level of voting granted through the Amended Amended (amended) Project, on November 19th

In particular respect, the law is in a position that the President of the State will; decide on the time of serving a prison sentence shorter than the prescribed time when it comes to one of the following cases: People who are often ill without self-examination exam results medical, high-quality or higher level hospitals; People aged 70 or over; Women who are pregnant with a child or children under 36 months living with their mothers in prisons, cleaning camps or temporary care homes; Having a family situation is particularly difficult and is the only member of the family, with the commune of the Commune population at the commune level in the place where his / her family is at home; live.

Another point that is indicated is that the law provides for cases where special amnesty is recommended but only that it is largely the case; discharging their obligation to return property, compensation for damage and other civil duties as a result of the economic situation This is particularly difficult in cases where the conditions for judging civil judgments have not yet been fulfilled, in accordance with legal provisions on Acting civil judgment, for people convicted in prison.

Where the obligation to return property, compensation for damage or other civil duties to a non-State owned property is satisfied, it will be necessary for a judiciary to abolish the Judgment or not to implement the this property.

The Chairman of the Judicial Committee of the Committee stated that a recommendation has been clarified which the bodies that have the duty to monitor the special amnesty to implement commitments in relation to liability for damage and duties. Other sanctions and sanctions unless the special amnesty is realized after giving a special amnesty.

According to the Sustainability Committee of the National Assembly, the responsibilities of bodies, organizations and individuals have been fulfilled in the implementation of civil judgments in general actions and civil actions in criminal breed in particular in the Law of Public Behavior Impact and associated law documents. Groups of concern, groups and individuals are based on the documents above to set their implementation.

Ngoc Thanh / VOV.VN

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