There is no stadium, no conversations and injured players: have universal energy & # 39; Mauricio Pochettino's hosting at Spurs?


A few days ago, Mauricio Pochettino visited White Hart Lane. The new stadium is not yet ready: as Achilles and the auctioneer are closer, the date is appropriate, the more it will be happening in the future. At first it was expected that it would be ready for the start of the season, then in the autumn, and then December, now they say that even in February. But one or two ways, it's close: close enough to really feel. And as long as Pochettino is a & # 39; flows through the empty fields, you feel it's not just a & # 39; checking the resources changing or counting USB tax points, but to # see: thinking, & # 39; Try to evaluate energy in a place he wants to quickly.

As always with Pochettino, this is his return to him. Ever since he was a child, he has believed in an essential unprecedented force called "universal energy": a type of aura that empowers the world and everyone and his Everything there. People have power, so they do places, so there are months and situations. "Decisions, personal relationships and in all, everything is an energy thing," he writes in his book Brave New World. "From those days, I have the ability to know something powerful that you can not see, but it is." And as the only person in an English football that has shown Moussa Sissoko's capacity for 18 months, it's probably worth listening to it.

When you read that Pochettino is holding a bowl of peat at an office in Enfield because he thinks they are in a position. including negative electrical from the room, you may ask if the Tottenham manager would benefit from the likely temporary type of interventions that can be saved from the life of multi- fold, solstice worship and virgin sacrifice. Then again, when you turn off the biggest club that supports the Premier League in the League of Oceans, it may be willing to not; sink. No, add simpler: Pochettino may surely be able to go something up here.

This point is. Among the English football teams or even Europe, it is difficult to think of a club that strengthens them so fortunately with the joy and behaviors of one. Pep Guardiola did not build a new Manchester city; it's just the person of the controls. Lionel Messi just wants everyone to leave alone and can be very good at football. Even in Liverpool, the relationship between the fans and Jurgen Klopp is marked as a sort of dialect, contamination of a reel where it is not completely clear what God is and what the candidate th; there.

At Spurs, in contrast, it's not a competition. Pochettino is the one. It's the weather. When working, everyone will go. When watching a little green and podgy, his team will playing gray, podgy football and fans getting time and time. And the best thing about running a club is "universal energia" that does not; cost a penny. The decades nowadays, students at a new Tottenham new time will be amazed at how a whole club has been revamped according to one who has been going around telling everyone how great they were.

Pochettino's credit in advanced energy has helped to spur Spurs into the Scottish League furniture (Photo Activities through Reuters)

For much of this season, however, Spurs have not been very awesome. The swanky stadium has been a very expensive albatross. No single player was signed throughout the summer, while Tottenham's campaigns had been very immensely strengthened (good, Fred was at all times appreciated). The World Cup raped half of the Pochettino team to squad. Wound is severely broken. Many of the best players on it are not easy to look close to the best form. A series of disruptions have been put to an end to the Welsh League. For a manager who has completed a job on cleaning all images of negative energy, this is a function that is sometimes a "#; look beyond even transitory, citrus-based powers.

On Saturday night, Chelsea is the most recent to visit Wembley, where Tottenham is still begrudgingly couch-surfing. Pochettino usually feels when he looks around his / her; The city has a long-awaited welcome welcome to their chain ideas, Maurizio Sarri. Sarri is hosted, hosted and donated by moving money, Getting the main property of a new coach in office: not the old man; there. Just as importantly his football vision is obvious, it's cool: the quick remedy that short-term managers like Pochettino can only be seen with nostalgia.

Spurs hopes to be in their new stadium in February (Getty)

Back when Napier's Sarri, Pochettino introduced him as one of the leading coaches in the world, and his team is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Now it's just a co-competitive, a different approach needs to be different. "This season, they compete in the Europa League again," said Drily on Thursday. "It's totally different for Manchester City, United, Liverpool, and we do not, because we're in the European League. Indeed, Chelsea has an incredible team. This summer In addition, they signed up with the quality players, they added to the team. They have one other point than us. It's normal. "

The screen was very simple but unidentified. And at times, when Tottenham has been trying to defend another 1-0 benefit against the face of a fractive or indirect challenge, They suffer a harm to a club that could be purchased several times on, you are going to; Thinking that Pochettino is not protected for one of the other, more usual clubs: where banners buy incredible football players as a substitute for morality, where the prizes are on to & # 39; flows like a champagne always. The kind of club you do not need to drop through ugly teeth that you were very excited about Eric Dier's work tonight. Where the tides do not rise and fall depending on the side of the bed you got out that morning, where you do not have to be happy all the time, where you do not need to swallow your mortal fear, a good stripper will be hurt, as you can just go out and buy another.

But then you listen to Pochettino to talk about his trip to the surgery today, and I remember & # 39; You see the world, and the game, in a way that is a bit different to our rest. "We're so excited," he said. "We can not wait to move. My idea is to move as quickly as possible. If we can move tomorrow, yesterday tomorrow. But I know that's a bit tough. If January, February. I think it's so close. Yesterday I was there and it's so close *. "

If you want to get an aura, you can see it anywhere. Tottenham may have been checked for much of the season, but it's still the best start in time of & # 39; The Premier League. They are only five points in the direction. Some such as Christian Eriksen and Dele Alli and Son Heung-min begin to start; find their legs again. Cul Jan Vertonghen wounded. Sissoko starts to & # 39; play as Graeme Souness. Erik Lamela is good again. And just a few miles away on their home site, phoenix is ​​rising from the rubbish. You may offer a valid count to one of the above items. But as Pochettino himself would definitely put it, that's the thing about energy: you will not see it. Sometimes you have to be feeling.

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